I wrote a new blog post on 35mmc! (Deschutes River Trail with an Olympus 35RD and Ektachrome 200)

Heads up! I've got a new blog post up on 35mmc. It's about using my 📸 Olympus 35 RD with some expired 🎞Kodak Ektachrome 200 slide film when Emee and I rode the Deschutes River Trail last month as part of our Gorge visit. Check out the blog post here. More photos from that adventure... Continue Reading →

A Gorge Visit, Part 2: The Dalles, 23-28 March 2022

Wow. It's been two weeks since we returned from our The Dalles Trip. Better write this before I forget! Emee and I spent nearly a week in the Columbia Gorge again, this time concentrating around The Dalles, Oregon. This is the full transition to "The Dry Side", where grass, sagebrush, and occasional juniper dominates. It's... Continue Reading →

A Central Oregon Excursion

August is turning out to be a month of travel! First was the Oregon Coast Bike Tour. Now it's time for a trip to Central Oregon. Today Emee, her kids, and myself will be driving out to Cove Palisades State Park to spend three nights in a cabin. The cabin is on Lake Billy Chinook,... Continue Reading →

Bizzy bizzy bizzy

Yes, it's been a quiet week n' a half on Ye Olde Blog. But my life has been anything but quiet. I've been so busy that I haven't had a good chance to blog. So here's a quick run-down on things that have happened since the last time I spoke with youse. I never did... Continue Reading →

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