Can Portland style bike fun culture take hold elsewhere?

The poster I drew for Pedalpalooza 2006. This was the third PP poster I made. Recently Filmed By Bike founder Ayleen Crotty created a compilation zine about Portland's bike culture. This was in honor of twenty years of the event. She asked me to contribute, and I obliged, contributing a page about my interaction with... Continue Reading →

King Of All Media, Part 3: The comic that "took over" three nations

Click to embiggen.A few months ago I whipped up this comic for bike-funnists Shift here in Portland. This comic is full of handy tips for newbie ride leaders. Whenever someone posts an event to the Shift calendar, it prompts them to read it.So I did it and thought nothing much of it. Then a little... Continue Reading →


If you've read this blog long enough (or are from Portland), you are probably familiar with Pedalpalooza, our annual celebration of bike fun.  It's a continuation of the internationally travelling yearly Bikesummer festival (RIP), of which we hosted in 2002.  Pedalpalooza is simply a 17 day window jam packed with bicycle events of every shape... Continue Reading →

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