A Kelley Point Ramble and a bonus Coffeeneuring adventure

It's November, and I've been feeling it. November is possibly the toughest months because of the onslaught of winter, which means short days and rain. Not only that, November can be stormy, and it has been just that. Wednesday November 18 was a niceish day in between two very soggy days. While I had many... Continue Reading →

Coffeeeuring 2015, Ride 5B, Wed 4 Nov: Where I introduce my Bantam Rambleneur to Forest Park.

Another decent fall day in Portland, a day I had off. What to do? Well, I have been wanting to ride the eleven miles of unpaved that is Leif Erickson Drive through Forest Park for quite some time. Not only would there be some fall color, but I have not yet ridden the Bantam Rambleneur... Continue Reading →

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