Bike Overnight: Ainsworth/Columbia Gorge, 7-8 Oct 2014

If you've been around here long enough, you know that I like to go bike camping. And I do get my share in during the summer months. But there's a special urgency when it comes to a nice "weekend" in October. (I use weekend in quotes, as my days off fall in the middle of... Continue Reading →

So Damn Hot: Bike Camping at Battle Ground Lake, 1-2 July 2014

June turns into July in Cascadia. Or more accurately, Junuary turns into July. Junuary, it's spring's last hurrah. Despite nice weather for the first half of the month, the second half saw more cool (sub-70s) temps, and periods of rain, some periods downright intense. Just a few days ago we were looking at those sub-70's... Continue Reading →

Coconut Bill comes to town

Coconut Bill avec beard. Photo by Andy Schmidt.It’s been busy times ‘round the Urban Adventure League HQ. Busy with work, busy with move preparations, not that busy with bike stuff or drawing stuff unfortunately. But over the last week I made some time for bike fun, as Coconut Bill came to town.“Who the **** is... Continue Reading →

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