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Chehalem Range Ramble, Saturday March 14

Hello, friends! It's time to return to The Mountain, Chehalem that is. This small mountain "range" in the Willamette Valley rises 1,000 to 1,500 feet above the valley floor. It makes for a good ride. Will you join me? ***** The Chehalem Mountain Range is a small but relatively steep range dividing the Tualatin and… Continue reading Chehalem Range Ramble, Saturday March 14

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Chehalem Range Ramble: The report.

Let's see: Before Saturday's ride, I had scheduled a Chehalem Range Ramble five times over the years, and only did it twice. Bad weather seems to like to find my ride. The first one in 2014 was tolerable, a bit of rain. When I did it last in February of 2017, I had already not… Continue reading Chehalem Range Ramble: The report.