Bike Overnight to Champoeg: 10-11 February 2015

After a pretty rainy weekend, I saw that my two days off, Tuesday and Wednesday, were going to see some good weather, so it felt like time for a bike camping trip! I almost wanted to bail as Tuesday approached because I didn't feel as into it as I thought I should, but that's probably... Continue Reading →

Trip Report: Cycle Wild Memorial Day weekend camping at Silver Falls State Park, 25-28 May 2012. (And Champoeg too!)

Lower South Falls.This past weekend a group of thirty people camped at Silver Falls State Park, a beautiful natural setting about fifteen miles east of Salem, Oregon, in the foothills of the Cascade Range. And yep, this was a Cycle Wild event! But first things first. April and I did not ride out with the... Continue Reading →

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