The Midnite Bicycle League Challenge returns for 2023! Registration now open!

Hello friends! My most popular challenge returns for Winter 2023! The Midnite Bicycle League Challenge is back and happening from January 1st through February 28, 2023. What is the Challenge? It’s pretty simple: Ride your bike at night Each ride at least 3 mi/5 km Three times during the Challenge You can do a maximum... Continue Reading →

Société des Rambleneurs: The Summer 2021 Challenge (1 July-15 August)

Register here! Once again, I’m back with another challenge that gets you membership into a club! The challenge will happen for about six weeks, starting on Thursday July 1st, 2021 and ending on Sunday August 15th. This challenge is all about sharing the art of rambleneuring. What is Rambleneuring? No, it’s not “randonneuring”, where one has... Continue Reading →

Challenge Cycling

I've mentioned previously how I've grown soft in my cycling over the past few years. I used to do more tours, I used to do more longer rides. I'm not particularly thrilled by this, but what to do? One thing that's worked for other folks is to take up a particular challenge. This could be... Continue Reading →

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