A Mid-Week up-date.

It's time to bang out a brief missive, as I've been too busy/distracted with too many different things to write a proper blog entry. And it's not for lack of ambition. Take today, for example. It's my day off, and I woke up fairly early, with big plans to get a lot of shit done.... Continue Reading →

Raleigh Crested Butte: Dialing it in

Oh, the irony. I always hate it when my boss uses the term "dial it in."Anyways, I've been riding the Raleigh Crested Butte A LOT lately. I've alternated between it and the Raleigh Wayfarer as my primary daily bikes. (Oh poor Long Haul Trucker, I promise to ride you soon!) I've really gotten use and... Continue Reading →

Old Carradice, New Carradice.

Somewhere under all that stuff is a Nelson Longflap.Time to talk about the true bag of the Retro-Grouch, the British-made transverse saddle bag. There were many makers of this bag back in the olden days, but the only maker that has survived into this modern era is Carradice. So Carradice is the bag seen most... Continue Reading →

Shawn vs. Bike Obsessions

As I stated in a previous post, I am an off and on peruser of the bicycle section of Portland Craigslist. Currently, I'm in "on" mode, which means obsessively checking listings frequently through the day. Yes, this might seem "much", but on a good day Craiglist will see 600-1000 new bike listings. (And yes, "new... Continue Reading →

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