Champoeg post-report: A de-briefing on my first (tent) bike camping trip of 2022

St. Louis Church, 7 April 2022. Olympus 35 RD/Kodak TMAX 400 My first tent bike camping trip of 2022, to Champoeg State Park, happened just about two weeks ago. (My first bike overnight was in February with Emee to Stub.) Even after bike camping and touring for the better part of two decades, the first... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Touring during these interesting days The legendary British Tourist Ian Hibell on British TV ca. 1975. I love his kit! Those Carradice Bags are supposed to be custom nylon ones he got made. Unfortunately Ian was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Greece in 2008. It's a common practice for those who are into bicycle touring to think a... Continue Reading →

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