A late September art update, right before Bikeartober

Making postcards during the San Juans Tour in August It's been a few months since I checked in with you fine folks about my continued journey with art. So far this year I've used both watercolors and dip ink pens for the first time in decades. This felt good, and I kept on experimenting with... Continue Reading →

A belated Bikeartober wrap-up

Hello all! I forgot to post my "wrap-up" post about my Bikeartober Challenge in October. Bikeartober is what I now call my Inktober Challenge due some problematic activities of said events founder. Looking back, I did 24 entries, basically skipping a week's worth of daily comics. The fall-off happened towards the end, though I missed... Continue Reading →

Bikeartober 2021, Half-way In

It's just about the halfway point for the October "draw every day" challenge. This is the challenge known as "Inktober", but after hearing about questionable actions of its founder, I've decided to not label what I was doing as such. This year I flew without a label for the first week. Then in conversation with... Continue Reading →

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