The Oregon History Comics release is Sunday, PLUS Urban Adventure League workshoppy-presentationy type events for Spring!

First, I'd like to remind my eleven loyal readers that there is a release party for the Oregon History Comics box set written by Sarah Mirk, for which I illustrated the comic on Oregon Bicycle History. It will be happening this Sunday, March 4th, at 7:30pm at the main Powell's downtown. The full details can... Continue Reading →

First Three Speed Ride 2012! Sunday February 26!

Yes, friends! Last year's ride was a lot of fun, and I knew there would be another one! So I've decided to schedule one for Sunday, February 26! Details, of course!THREE SPEED RIDESunday February 26 201211amdeparts from Ladd Circle, 1600 SE Harrison StA ride celebrating the humble internally geared three speed bicycle. Once the ultimate in human-powered... Continue Reading →


Well, the good weather has held out for quite a while here in Portland. Inevitably more correct "Portland winter" weather is returning.But not typical to Portland is snow for the winter. We get maybe two snowfalls a year, maybe an inch if we're lucky. And the next few days look like there's a good chance... Continue Reading →

My last official Portland Bike Fun before the Big Trip

Photo Jonathan Maus/bikeportland.orgSunday was the start of Portland's Sunday Parkways season. Every month through September, the Portland Dept. of Transportation closes a circuit of neighborhood streets to cars for about five hours. Bicycles and pedestrians have the run of the streets, without having to (mostly) worry about automobiles. The whole concept is based on Bogota's... Continue Reading →


If you've read this blog long enough (or are from Portland), you are probably familiar with Pedalpalooza, our annual celebration of bike fun.  It's a continuation of the internationally travelling yearly Bikesummer festival (RIP), of which we hosted in 2002.  Pedalpalooza is simply a 17 day window jam packed with bicycle events of every shape... Continue Reading →

A little Three Speed Ride Recap

Alright!  It's been almost a week, so...Photos by Timo!April and I arrived at Coe Circle at just a little after 11.  Early for our own ride?  HA! (Sorry, Dave, for running behind!) There was a small gathering of folks.  The bikes?A few Raleigh  3-speeds (April, Vivian, and myself)A Robin Hood (Raleigh brand) 3-speed (Scott) A... Continue Reading →

Two Workshops on the Horizon

Hello readers, all 5 of you!Just letting you know that there are two great Urban Adventure League workshops coming up in the near future1First, in April, Ian Stude (PSU Bike Co-op) and I will be presenting our Bicycle Touring Workshop:Are you itching to hit the open road and explore nature in a way you haven't... Continue Reading →

Train Day Ride Planning

Hey folks! As I mentioned before the New Year, I'll be doing a National Train Day ride this year.  National Train Day happens Saturday, May 7.And planning a ride like this is not a one person job!  I've already enlisted Dan Haneckow, Matt Picio, and (sir) Andrew to help out.  But I can always use... Continue Reading →

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