Before Rain Adventuring: The Springwater-Elk Rock Island-Powell Butte Ride, Thursday October 11, 2012

We've had a very beautiful summer into fall in these parts. Since the beginning of July we haven't seen any rain. (Well, I exaggerate. I believe it drizzled twice in this three month span.) Early October has been great, as it has remained sunny with high temps around 70F/21C, though the nights have gotten cooler.... Continue Reading →

I should be doing Something Else, so no better time for a bike ride

Saturday was a beautiful day 'round these parts. Sunny and dry, with temperature peaking at 47F/8C. I've been riding the Rudge Sports the past few days because the weather's been dry enough that I can get away with it. Soon the rains will be back, and the Raleigh will be the prime bike (until I... Continue Reading →

Bike Ride Denied: What I did on Wednesday

The Wayfarer looks sad and forelorn on the pedestrian bridge over I-205Lately there's been a Wednesday morning "before work" bike ride that meets up at 6:30am. Last week I could have done it, but the iffy weather (snow?) kept me in bed. And this week I wasn't reminded about the ride until about 9:30pm Tuesday... Continue Reading →

Poster For Three Speed Ride!

And now, the poster for the Three Speed Ride.  They should be printed next week!I'll be getting a limited amount of screenprinted posters (printed by Man Vs. Ink) for the inaugural ride.  Some of them will be placed in local bike shops to promote the ride.  The rest will be available for purchase.  We will... Continue Reading →

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