Reminder: Stark St. Mileposts Ride is this Saturday, December 11th!

Hey folks! Just reminding y'all that my Stark Street Mileposts Ride is this Saturday, December 11th, at 11 AM. And there's still spots available! Sometime in the middle 19th century, stone mile markers were placed along the length of what became SE Stark St. From the Willamette to the Sandy River, these milestones helped travelers... Continue Reading →

Reminder: East Portland Cemeteries ride is Saturday, and there’s still spots available!

What are you doing on Saturday? Don't have any plans? Well, I got something for you! And after a week and a half of off-and-on rain, Saturday October 30th looks like it will be a sunny day, with a high around 57F/14C. Great riding weather! So why not join me on the East Portland Cemeteries... Continue Reading →

The self-challenge: Ride More

Cherry City Park, 20 Sept 2020. Olympus XA2, Kodak ColorPlus 200 It's October. The chances for me to pull off even a minor bicycle tour before the end of the year are getting slim. I've been wanting to do a Willamette Valley ride for a bit, ever since it seemed okay to pull off something... Continue Reading →

I want to ride my bicycle…

A wet day in Portland.It's the perfect storm of non-action. I want to get a "good" ride in, but everything's conspiring against me.November is here, and winter is either here or on its way, depending on how you look at it. More rainy or cloudy days than sun, high temperatures somewhere between 45 and 55... Continue Reading →

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