Can Portland style bike fun culture take hold elsewhere?

The poster I drew for Pedalpalooza 2006. This was the third PP poster I made. Recently Filmed By Bike founder Ayleen Crotty created a compilation zine about Portland's bike culture. This was in honor of twenty years of the event. She asked me to contribute, and I obliged, contributing a page about my interaction with... Continue Reading →

New Year in Vancouver: The snow

I got into Vancouver late Friday night (Dec 30). After sleeping in a bit, I got a lazy start. The weather didn't look promising, a mix of rain and flurries with a high just above freezing. I pulled the Raleigh Superbe out of the hostel and got out there. I noticed during my coffee break... Continue Reading →


the water from Jericho BeachThe five days in Vancouver, from Friday evening, June 3rd to Wednesday afternoon, the 8th, seemed to pass by lightning fast, as has been my experience with any trip to Terminal City. It would have been easy--too easy--to spend a few extra days, heck, an extra week there. (If not for... Continue Reading →

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