An unexpected three speed: Heavy Duti 2.5

At the same time I dropped off the Raleigh Superbe's rear wheel at the shop, I also dropped off my long-neglected Schwinn Heavy Duti. The 2.0 version had a good run for about a year and a half, but needed work. I fully intended to drop it off in January, when the shop was slow.... Continue Reading →

File Under: Another Bike? Schwinn Heavy Duti industrial balloon tire cruiser.

"Wait Shawn, didn't you just sell a bike? Didn't you make noises about culling the herd and keeping everything manageable?" Why yes, yes to all that. I sold the Rudge Sports on Sunday September 28 and bought a new bike on Friday October 3. On Sunday I got down to three bikes, a number that... Continue Reading →

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