A May art update: More dip pen action

Esterbrook 356 nib, once used by Carl Barks (not this nib, but the nib in general) Hello folks. Last month I let you all know that I got back into dip pens. After pretty much avoiding them since high school, it's been fun to work in the true "pen-and-ink" medium. I started off with a... Continue Reading →

Rediscovering watercolors

I never really liked to paint. Oh sure, as a kid I did the standard tempera and watercolors during playtime, as other kids would. But while my drawing ability was going somewhere, my painting wasn't. In high-school art classes I pushed myself to "get into" oils and acrylics. I was going to be "an artist",... Continue Reading →

A March art update

I’ve been keeping up with a regular “journal comic” clip since Inktober 2019 (October). It’s been fun! Turns out I like drawing regularly, I just need a little fire under the ass to keep it going. No, I haven’t done it every day like I did in Inktober, but I’d say I’m doing 4-5 days... Continue Reading →

A Post-Inktober Update: Mid-January 2020

Hello folks! You may remember that I decided to take on Inktober, the month-long draw-with-actual-ink-on-actual-paper challenge last year. I managed to complete it, doing something every day. At the conclusion, I wondered how long I can keep on going with drawing at a regular clip. The answer: For quite a bit! I've been using that... Continue Reading →

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