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My Pedalpalooza 2019, Two Weeks In

Pedalpalooza is all of June. Portland's annual festival of bike fun. I tend to lead a lot of events during the month, mostly because the types of rides I like to do are not as represented on the calendar as they used to be. I get so busy in the process of planning and leading… Continue reading My Pedalpalooza 2019, Two Weeks In

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REMINDER: 26 Ain’t Dead Ride tomorrow, Wednesday June 12

Calling all 26 inch enthusiasts! Prove to the world that 26 inch wheeled bikes are alive and thriving! Who cares what the naysayers say? Bring your “559” wheeled bike of any type and any tire width. (Cruisers? Sure! Mountain Bikes? Fine. Bridgestone XO-1? Yes, please!) We shall meet at Golden Pliers Bicycle Repair & Supply,… Continue reading REMINDER: 26 Ain’t Dead Ride tomorrow, Wednesday June 12


Pedalpalooza 2019: All my rides

Pedalpalooza is Portland’s month long bike festival, which happens all of June. As always, there’s things I do every Pedalpalooza, and new stuff. I've spent the last couple weeks hammering out my Pedalpalooza ride details. Yeeps, I'm leading or co-leading ten different events! Every year, I tell myself I'm going to scale back. But thankfully… Continue reading Pedalpalooza 2019: All my rides