Neighborhood Walks

Since the shutdown, walking has become my preferred "getting outside" activity. I still bike, but only two to three times a week, not daily. With cycling, I've been seeing them more as adventures to find secret places off the beaten path. But with walking, it's all about the neighborhood. Since I'm not using public transit... Continue Reading →

Getting outside during the time of COVID-19

All of us are probably getting used to (or trying to get used to) this brave new reality we find ourselves in for maybe the next few months or so. While I've been "staying in place" this last week (thank you, mostly-work-from-home-"job"), the need to get outside from time to time is still present. While... Continue Reading →

Reed Ravine Ramble for Dec 2 POSTPONED

Hello friends. Due to various factors, I won't be doing my scheduled Reed Ravine Ramble on Sunday December 2nd. I hope to reschedule it sometime in winter, but I don't know exactly when yet. Stay tuned for details. And yep, that means unless I put something last-minute on the calendar, there are no more bike... Continue Reading →

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