Searching for new-to-me parks with the van

Hello folks! It's year whatever of the pandemic! The days before having to mask up to go into a public place feel like a lifetime ago. This is our new reality, at least for the moment. Like you, I wish to get out of this purgatory as soon as possible. But I'm a pragmatist, and... Continue Reading →

Reed Ravine Ramble, Sun 2 Dec

Back in the day (oh, 2004) when I started this Urban Adventure League thing, the "league" was intended to be a vehicle to do various bike rides and walks around Portland. I did do a fair amount of walks in the early years, but let that slip. I want to get back into doing walks,... Continue Reading →

Mount Tabor Meander, Wed 26 Sept

It's a bit last minute, but I've decided to do a walk this month! Right now it's Steptember, an all month walking festival put on by Oregon Walks. And remember that the Urban Adventure League has also put on walks throughout its history--we're not JUST about bicycles. 😉 Mount Tabor is always a fun place... Continue Reading →

An urban hike, 4 Sept 2018

We're nearing the end of summer and I haven't yet done an overnight hiking trip. That will be remedied soon, as my friend Ed and I are planning for something next weekend. I met Ed downtown on the evening of Tuesday September 4th to pore* over maps and scheme. And there's no better way** to... Continue Reading →

A West Hills Hike, 6 Nov 2017

Y'know, it's not always about the bike. I do like to walk and use public transit. When I founded this "league", oh, thirteen years ago, it was supposed to be both for cycling and walking. But y'know, bikes are cool and folks like to look at bicycle pictures. So that wins out nine times out... Continue Reading →

West Hills Hike, 25 Oct 2016

And now for something completely different: A hike! Y'know, it's been a long time since I went on a foot adventure. And I really don't know why it's been a long time, but the time to rectify is now. I've been itching to get up into the Tualatin Mountains, aka the West Hills, the spine... Continue Reading →

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