Three Speed Tires in a Derailleur Era: Yet another search for 26″ x 1 3/8″

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Last month, I got a flat from glass as I was running errands. I intended to do the flat fix where I was, which was basically beside I-84. Amazingly, since I couldn’t hear anything but the roar of the freeway, I figured out where the puncture was, made sure the tire was clean, and put a new tube in. Then I realized the folly of trying to inflate the tire there, as I only had my Zefal “Lepize” pump. Yes, it looks pretty in a vintage way, and fits neatly into the pump pegs. But using it is a whole ‘nother thing. After ten minutes of pumping, I was barely halfway at inflation. Deflated, er, defeated, I called Emee and she picked me up in the Emeemobile.

At home I intended to pump the tire up fully and remount wheel. That’s when I noticed that there was a broken spoke…

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I'm a white, straight male, living in America. I've never had to think about racism in the way that it effects me, just in the way that it affects others. I've never had to feel that fear that people who are not white have to feel. While I can and will empathize with those who… Continue reading Privilege


Not the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour: Our ride, 17 May 2020

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Due to the current pandemic, the Lake Pepin Three Speed Ride scheduled for the past weekend did not happen. But Jon, the (shirt-tail) organizer, told people that they should do their own Three Speed Ride over the weekend. It could be around Lake Pepin or wherever people lived. It could be one day, it could be both days. Emee and I were determined to do something here in Portland.

The weather forecast for the weekend was iffy: a chance of rain and possible thunderstorms both days. It was looking like Sunday would be the better of the two days, so that’s what we decided on. After a late and leisurely brunch, we left the house Sunday afternoon (Sunday May 17), aiming for Luuwit View Park for a picnic/tea stop, then see what else we wanted to do.

The ride to Luuwit View was good. The weather was partly cloudy with…

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The final (fifth) week of Three Speed Adventure April 2020: The “Open” Week (April 26-May 3)

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This photo was too late for Week One (You and your three speed), but will work for Week Five! Taken on 29 March 2020 in the garden. Camera: Minolta Hi-Matic 7s. Film: Kentmere 400.

Alright, it’s time to close out Three Speed Adventure April 2020 in a good way! The theme for the week? There’s no theme!

Yes, the fifth and final week of Three Speed Adventure April 2020 is The Open Week. This means you can do anything, so long as a three speed bicycle is in the shot! So you can do any of the following:

  • Post a photo that would have worked during any of the previous four weeks of themes. Have a self portrait with bike you didn’t get done in time? Post it! Carried a bag of mulch from the garden supply store? Let’s see it! Etc, etc
  • It can also be a photo…

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Three Speed Adventure April 2020, Week Four Report


Three Speed Adventure April 2020, Week Four Theme: Three Speeds Carrying Stuff

Society Of Three Speeds

Hey hey hey, it’s just about Week Four of this year’s Three Speed Adventure April Challenge! For the week running April 19 through 25, 2020 (your local time), the theme is:

Three Speeds Carrying Stuff

What do I mean? I want to see three speeds in portage action. Three speeds are useful utility bikes, and they can carry things. These things can be bags, they can be items on racks or in baskets, things strapped and lashed to parts of bikes, etc. Or it can be as silly/practical as a spare wheel on your bike, as depicted above. Yes, there can be people/buildings/etc. in the shot. And yes, you can get creative.

Here are the fine print details:

  • This can happen anywhere on earth.
  • This is open to anyone who owns a bike with an internally geared hub of three, four, or five speeds. No more/less gears, no derailleurs…

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Three Speed Adventure April 2020: Week Two Recap

Society Of Three Speeds

Bikes: Raleigh Superbe, Raleigh Sports. Camera: Minolta Hi-Matic 7s. Film: Fomapan 400.

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! We just wrapped up Week Two of the Three Speed Adventure April 2020 Challenge. The theme for the week of April 4 through 11 was Getting Artsy with your Three Speed. We had quite a few participants. It’s interesting to see how folks got artsy, so without further ado, here are most of the entries. Most are from Instagram with a few tumblr stalwarts.

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Three Speed Adventure April 2020: Week One Recap

Society Of Three Speeds

Me and my Raleigh Superbe self-portrait, 29 March 2020. Camera: Olympus XA2. Film: Kodak Ultramax 400

Hello, friends of three speeds! Thank you to everyone who has participated during the first week of this year’s very different Three Speed Adventure April Challenge. (If you want to see how this year’s challenge works, please go here.)

Week One’s Prompt was You and your three speed. By far, the most participation has happened on Instagram. So I’m going to share some of these posts:

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