Bikes and Film Cameras Club Membership WITH either Pentax K1000 or Minolta Freedom K

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Hello folks! This time I have two membership kits with cameras. One is a very basic 35mm, the other considered the quintessential beginner 35mm SLR!

The Canon Snappy K camera is a 90’s era compact 35mm point and shoot. It is very basic and simple to use: a fixed focus lens that focuses from about four feet away to infinity and a flash that’s there if you need it. Besides motor drive, that’s about it for features. And that’s all you need to start shooting film. Buy it here.

The Pentax K1000 is a 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) camera introduced in 1976. Often called the ultimate in student SLR cameras, everything about the K1000 is manual save for a light meter. The control of focus and exposure is completely in your hands! If you want to learn the basics of film photography, this is a great camera for that. An…

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On old favorites, new scanners, and darkroom time: An April film photography update

Allison Inn, Newberg Oregon, 14 April 2022. Minolta SR-T 101/MC Rokkor PG 50mm f/1.4 lens/Fujicolor 200 It seems like forever ago, and having a pandemic in between makes it feel even longer, but it was just a little over three years ago that I got my hands on my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s, my first film... Continue Reading →

On derailleurs, big hubs, two-speed kickbacks, and the Society

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello folks. From time to time I get the same questions asked: “My three speed has a derailleur. Can I participate in a ride or a challenge?” “What about my two-speed kickback hub?” “I’ve got an Alfine 11 hub, can I join the Society?”

I’ll admit, I never like getting these questions, as the answer I’m going to give is going to disappoint them. But with a couple exceptions, the answer is no. Here I will try to effectively (try to) explain why.

  • This Society is based around the love of three speed hubs. This is our aim, our mission. I’ve allowed four and five speed hubs in as well, as these were made during the 1930s through the 1970s by Sturmey-Archer and fitted on many a British bicycle. While our preferences lean heavily towards Sturmey-Archer, I allow any and all three, four, and five speed hubs from any…

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Three Speed Day tour POSTPONED to summer

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends. With a heavy heart I’m informing you that he Three Speed Day Tour scheduled for for Saturday April 29 has been postponed. Registration has been on the low side, and with this very wet April we’re having (we’re already at 4 1/2 inches for the month, which is only half over, and the average is 2.9 inches) I don’t want to lead another ride in the cold rain. (Especially after the desultory experience of this year’s Tweed Ride.)

I’m going to reschedule this ride for a weekend day in summer during Pedalpalooza, when the weather should be much better, and the increased amount of eyeballs on the calendar will hopefully mean more attendance. Stay tuned for details.

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Midnite bicycle league 2023

A great write-up about Thomas’s Midnite Bicycle League 2023 rides!


Earlier this year I once again joined the Midnite Bicycle League challenge created by Urban Adventure League. I really like those kind of events that Shawn starts, they are plenty of fun and you as a rider do not have to attend any big event for completing the tasks. In fact those challenges feels like they are more interesting and demands more of me as a rider in a way, because you have to plan and figure out the route for your ride an consider a way to complete the different sub-challenges that are included.

Among the challenges we usually are given have some ground rules. For example you have to ride in total of at least 3 rides (or more) and every ride should be at least 5 kilometers long (or longer). Then we have the extra sub-challenges where we have to take a photo of a street…

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SoTS Buttons and Patches pre-order/re-order: Extended to April 30th

Society Of Three Speeds

I updated the Society of Three Speeds logo in the spring of 2021 to the current “upside down Sturmey shifter”. I wanted something bolder and more easily translatable than the previous design of the airway beacon atop Rocky Butte (NOT a lighthouse!) Apparently you folks like the design, as all the enamel pins and virtually all the patches from the 2021 order are now gone.

So it’s time to reorder. I’m still keeping that design, as I like it a lot. I know a few members just wanted to purchase patches and/or pins without buying a new kit. So for a limited time, I’m offering those to anyone who is a current member of SoTS as a pre-order:

  • Patchesfor $8 USD, plus s/h
  • Enamel pinsfor $12 USD, plus s/h

Go to my Big Cartel page to order.You must be an existing member of Society of Three Speeds…

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Bikes and Film Cameras Club Ride, 11 Feb 2023: The quick report

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

It was a good day to ride a bike in Portland. Saturday February 11th, 2023 started off a bit gloomy, but mild, but the sun came out and it got in the low 50’s F. It would have been a good day to use some slow film like Kentmere 100 or Acros, but I had prepared for the gloom with trusty ol’ Kentmere 400 in my Minolta XD5. (I shot mostly with the “standard” “kit” MD Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens, but a few shots were with my MD Rokkor 28-85 zoom.)

After a visit to Portland’s Coffee Outside at South Waterfront, Brian and I rode over to the meetup of Oblique Coffee Roasters at SE 31st and Stark. We had a small but hearty crew: Besides Brian and myself, there was Maria, Jonathan, Elijah, Arturo, and Eric and Sarah (who were on foot.) After a film and accessories exchange plus…

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Three Speed Day Tour, 29 April 2023: Registration now OPEN!

Society Of Three Speeds

From the 2019 ride.

Hey folks! It’s time for a lovely day tour on three speed bicycles! We did this ride before, once, in 2019. Read the report to get the feel for it.

The destination for this ride is Oregon City, where we can have a fine lunch, use America’s favorite municipal elevator, tour the promenade, and see the Falls. Then we ride back to Portland. Lovely!

This ride is open to all bikes that have a three speed internal geared hub. Hub and bike can be of any age and from any country. We also accept four and five speed internal geared hubs, but nothing larger.

No derailleur equipped bicycles unless: a) it is on a Brompton or b) derailleur acts as chain tensioner.

You do not need to be a member of Society of Three Speeds to be on the ride. If you are not a member…

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