Three Speed Pub Crawl, Sat 25 Jan

Society Of Three Speeds

Hey there! Do you like three speed bicycles? Like riding three speed bicycles? Like imbibing adult beverages?

Come on this Three Speed Pub Crawl presented by Society of Three Speeds! We’ll hit up at least three pubs. The vague theme of the “crawl” is Scottish, with a dash of Lunar New Year thrown in.

This pub crawl will happen on Saturday January 25, 2020. We’ll start at 4 PM and go until about 8, or whenever our energy/desire runs out.

We’ll let you know where the start is about a week before the event. The route will be a mystery. The locations will all be on the east side of the Willamette River, not going more than three miles north or south of Burnside, and not going east of 82nd. End spot will be transit accessible.

This event is FREE, but all beverages will be paid for by YOU. And…

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Time to "renew" your SoTS membership?

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of three speeds! It is still true what I’ve said since 2013: Once a member, always a member of Society of Three Speeds.

But for those of you who purchased a membership around this time last year, one thing is going to expire: the bonuses. This means you won’t get any of the postcards I send through the year (four to six) or any other cool extras I may apply.

So now is a good time to “renew” your membership. For $15 plus shipping/handling, you’ll still another full year of postcards, plus any extras! All you need to be is an existing member of Society of Three Speeds. You can do that here. But if you don’t, no more postcards!

Psst! Are you a pre-2018 member, and want to get the cool new patch, buttons, and stickers you see above? Consider buying the Deluxe Membership for $30

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It’s deadline day for reporting for this year’s Three Speed October

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of Three Speeds, today is the day. If you have done rides for this year’s Three Speed October Challenge but have yet to finalize it by completing your Google Forms, now is the time.

If you have signed up for the Challenge, you should have at least gotten the form to fill out for Week One. Please go ahead and fill that out, and you’ll get the subsequent forms. If for some reason you haven’t received the form, get in touch.

If you completed the challenge successfully, you should have received a Completion form, in which you indicate which prize pack you’d like. If you haven’t received this form, let me know. If you have, please fill it out ASAP and when you receive the PayPal money request, please pay! I need to get the prize pack order finalized.

If you are doing the challenge via papernet (aka…

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Coffeeneuring 2019, Ride 2: a Seattle Adventure, 17 Oct

For my second ride of this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge, I decided to make it a bit more interesting: Do it in a different city! Since I’d be in Seattle for the weekend, why not there? I headed up to lead the Three Speed Ride which will be happening this morning (please come!) but wanted to… Continue reading Coffeeneuring 2019, Ride 2: a Seattle Adventure, 17 Oct


Three Speed October 2019: My Week Three, Ride 2 (Mon 14 Oct)

Almost finished with my personal Three Speed October Challenge!

Society Of Three Speeds

On the ride in.

One ride away from completing my personal Three Speed October Challenge. Don’t worry folks, I’ll still be (mostly) riding my three speeds through the rest of the month!

I took out the Robin Hood path racer project again. I don’t ride this bike as much as my superb Superbe, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love it. It’s just set up as a sportier (read: less capacity) bike. With its sexy Lauterwasser (the Soma repro) handlebars, it definitely looks like a fast bike. Nevermind that it’s still the same 20-30 HiTen steel as practically every other British three speed!*

I haven’t really done many changes to the bike since I built it up about two years ago. The only thing that’s been replaced (besides the chain) is tires. I’ve had four different sets since I built it up:

  • Schwalbe Delta Cruisers in cream. These were…

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Three Speed October 2019: The rest of my second week

Society Of Three Speeds

It’s been exciting times around the SoTS HQ this Three Speed October: Forty people have registered so far, about 10 have reported their first week. I’ve been pretty much been riding my Raleigh Superbe since the start of the Challenge, so it’s been pretty easy for me to get the requisite three rides a week in.

My Week Two started on Friday October 4, but my first ride wasn’t until Saturday October 5th. This was the Three Speed Ride as reported here.

Since then, I’ve completed two more rides towards Week Two:

  • Sunday October 6: Emee and I did a 5 mile round-trip on a gorgeous evening. First, dinner at Nicholas Restaurant (the one on NE Broadway) for their great Lebanese food. Then across the street to pick up groceries at New Seasons Market Grant Park.
  • Monday October 7: A 4 mile pre Coffeneuring Challenge practice run right around…

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On Your Marks: Coffeeneuring Challenge Prep Materials!

Ooh, I like this “paper reporting” development.

October 11 is right around the corner, and that means go time, so I hope you are all making your 2019 Coffeeneuring Challenge plans now.

But wait! There are a few things I want to share with you before you roll away into this year’s challenge.

Control Cards

Thanks to Doug of Umbrella Works, we now have Coffeeneuring Challenge control cards. These are not mandatory at all, but may be helpful for those who like to document along the way using a method we used frequently in olden times. It’s called pen and paper. Or pencil and paper, if you are from very olden times. If you are unfamiliar with this method, just ask me or another randonneur or coffeeneuring veteran. We can show you the pen (or pencil) and paper ways.

Control cards come in two sizes: half-letter; or A5 (5.83 × 8.27 inches). Hopefully you…

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SoTS membership “renewal”: Special price until Sunday November 3

Here’s my “Monday deal” for this week!

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! It’s been just about a year since the “relaunch” of Society of Three Speeds memberships. Quite a few of you have purchased these kits and have received the patch, stickers, and buttons. Included in the initial offerings was an automatic Postcard Club membership, where you’d get 4-6 event postcards mailed to you over the course of the year. (You can still get that when you purchase a Deluxe membership.) Now that year is almost up, so it’s time for a refresher.

You can now purchase a “Renewal” of the membership kit! What you’ll get is:

  • One full year of Postcard Club. Get four to six event postcards of what’s happening with the Society and Urban Adventure League.
  • Any bonuses that I may offer for “Deluxe” memberships. You’d currently get a large (3 inch diameter) sticker, but there can perhaps be other perks…

I’m going to…

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