Three Speed Day Tour Report

Society Of Three Speeds

Saturday April 20th was a good day to be on a three speed. It was a mix of sun and clouds, a high in the low 60’s F. Myself and nine other riders (plus one dog!) departed from Ford Food and Drink in SE Portland after 10 AM. Our destination: Oregon City.

It was a sixteen mile ride to Oregon City. The first half of this was mostly on low trafficked streets in Portland, the second half was mostly bike path in Clackamas County. The Trolley Trail is a pleasant way to ride. We stopped around mile 9 at Rivervilla Park along the Willamette where we fulfilled two of the five Three Speed Adventure April Challenges: Coffee Outside and the Climb. Yes, it’s a short but steep pitch from the river back up to the Trail.

We had an extended break in Oregon City. First, we toured through downtown and…

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Reminder: Sturmey Archer Hub Rebuild Workshop is Wednesday!

Hello friends of Three Speeds! Just a reminder that our first workshop, the Sturmey Archer Hub Rebuild Workshop, is just two days away. And while we’ve sold half of the spots, we still have space available for you! This class will be taught by expert mechanic Patrick Loftus, who has overhauled many an AW hub… Continue reading Reminder: Sturmey Archer Hub Rebuild Workshop is Wednesday!


Another bike shop closes.

April marks eighteen years in Portland. Eighteen! If I had a kid on April 4, 2001, it'd be voting age by now! Some days feel like I just moved here, and some things in this town seem eerily trapped in amber (there's always going to be people playing chess at night at Coffee Time). But… Continue reading Another bike shop closes.


The Errandonnee: Finishers Prize!

I did the art for this year’s Errandonnee patch!

We have a new design this year for the Errandonnee finishers badge. This year’s patch – which embodies the fresh energy and bright hues of springtime – was created by Shawn Granton of Urban Adventure League. Thank you, Shawn, for this vibrant patch!

Falls Creek Outfitters will once again be converting this design into reality with their excellent embroidery talents!

As a reminder, the full set of rules for participating are here. You can track your errands however you like, and remember you can do as many errands as you like per day. The total mileage just has to end up at 30 or more miles. That’s a little over two miles per errand, totally doable!

A basket full of flowers. A bell for making your presence known around town. The Errandonnee calls to you! If you are currently on the fence about participating this year, I hope…

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The Errandonnee: Welcome Spring!

April is here, the blossoms are out, and it’s time for the seventh running of the Errandonnee. Do you like transportation cycling or running, or have you been wanting to give it a go? Then the Errandonnee is just right for you!

This challenge is designed for the utility cyclist and transportation runner with errands to do, no matter the season. The short version of the Errandonnee is:

Errandonnee: Complete 12 errands in 12 days, and ride or run a total of 30 miles between April 12-23, 2019.

Errands are inevitable, but the Errandonnee is a time to appreciate the active transportation we often do, but seldom celebrate.

The term “errandonnee” is a hybrid of “errands” and the French word “randonnee.” Conceptually, these two words may not initially fit well together, but string 12 errands into one long ride interrupted by sleep and other diversions, and you have an Errandonnee. It’s true!

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Bike Overnight to Ainsworth (Columbia Gorge), 30-31 March 2019

It's been a while. Too long. My last bike camping excursion was in mid-October to Oxbow, and that was under less than optimal conditions, as I was getting sick. We've had some choice weather this past March, but it seemed like a lot of the good days (warm and sunny) also we're really windy. To… Continue reading Bike Overnight to Ainsworth (Columbia Gorge), 30-31 March 2019


Sturmey Archer hub overhaul workshop, Wed 24 April

Society Of Three Speeds

Well, this is exciting!

Society of Three Speeds is proud to announce that we’ll be hosting our first ever workshop! This class will be taught by expert mechanic Patrick Loftus, who has overhauled many an AW hub in his day. It will be held at the Community Cycling Center (1700 NE Alberta St) on Wednesday April 24 at 7 pm.

Learn how to overhaul a Sturmey Archer three speed hub! Veteran bike mechanic Patrick Loftus will open up an AW hub, dismantle it, and reassemble it in working order during this ninety minute workshop. Participants will learn about lubing and adjusting cables while learning some theory and history. Bring your own three speed as we may be able to help with adjustments. Please note that this is otherwise NOT a hands-on workshop.

Limited to nine people.

Price: $20 for Society of Three Speeds members, $25 for non members, plus service…

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Not going to Pepin this year.

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of three speeds. I made some noises about wanting to head out to Minnesota (and Wisconsin) in May for the annual Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour. But it looks like that isn’t going to happen, at least not in 2019.

No, it’s not because I’m over the event, or over three speeds. It’s just the practical complications: Emee won’t be able to go because of work stuff, and while I can go solo if I really want to, it’s more fun to go with someone else. Plus, while self-employment means my schedule is more flexible than in the past, I’m pretty broke right now so I should save my cash. And this year is shaping up to be a pretty busy one for me in regards to travels and bike rides. Something has to give.

Still, I feel a twinge of sadness about not going to Pepin. I’ve…

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