Three Speed Get Together, Sunday 25 February

Hello folks! As spring continues to march its way towards us, now is the time to have a Society of Three Speeds events. Not a ride just yet, but a get-together!

Join us on Sunday February 25th at 6 PM at venerable Velo Cult Bike Shop Thing plus Tavern Type Thing, 1969 NE 42nd Ave in Portland’s Hollywood District. We’ll hang out indoors for a couple hours, drink beer, and talk three speeds. If we feel so inclined, maybe we’ll take a short spin afterwards. So bring your three speed!

Pertinent points of this gathering:

  • There will be trivia! And possibly a few prizes with trivia.
  • We’ll talk about the upcoming Three Speed Adventure April Challenge.
  • We’ll also check in on upcoming Society of Three Speed activities.

Also worth noting: On Saturday February 24, Velocirque will be happening at Velo Cult! This is a vintage bike show happening from 3 to 8 PM. This time around, they are specifically encouraging three speeds to show up and strut their stuff! So don’t be shy, bring down your trusty three speed to be ogled by others. (Having a kickstand is a definite plus.) There’ll be a ride meeting at the shop at 10 AM before the main event.

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Retro-Grouch Shaving Dept. (Reprise)

I mentioned this in a post last week, but since it’s been so dead at work, I’ve been spending hours “binge-reading” years worth of my old blog posts. Not because I’m vain, just because it’s sometimes fun to relive one’s past and see what I was up to in 2014.

Anyways, I came across this post from 2013 where I talk about changing up my personal shaving habits. I decided to abandon the “razor wars” and dump the four-to-six bladed monstrosities and go for the simple classic safety razor of a single blade. I picked up a cheap vintage Gillette on etsy, got a shaving brush and old school shaving cream, watched a few videos, and got on my way down the road of Retro-Grouch Shaving.

And five years later? Still doing it that way! I still have that Gillette razor. I still use a brush, but a nicer one than the $5 Freddies special. And I still use traditional shaving creams and soaps vs Edge Gel or some nonsense. And I’ve been liking it. My shaves over the past half-decade have been better than my previous 23 years worth. I’ve gotten to like the process of shaving (so zen!) though I do take longer to shave. And because I like shaving, I do it more often vs. the every three days I used to do. That’s mostly because the process of shaving (and its aftermath) is not as harsh as it used to be.

I’ve tried a few different types of creams, soaps, oils, and balms. I’ve managed to stay within reason on prices; I haven’t gone down the wormhole like I initially worried about. And it’s not hard to do this old school wet shaving without breaking the bank, as double-edged blades are cheap, you can get them 10 for $3 if you aren’t worried about brands (though I spend a little bit more). And traditional creams last a long time if you use a brush.

I have expanded the kit a little bit, so I have a shaving kit at Emee’s house when I stay over there, plus a “travel” shave kit for when I tour or travel. Most of this stuff is vintage and came from scouring eBay/etsy.

Now I can’t see going back to those super modern razors. And I just don’t like having a beard, so I’ll keep on shaving…

Society Goals for 2018

Society Of Three Speeds

Welcome to 2018, friends! Another year, another blank slate. 2018 will mark five years since Society of Three Speeds started (though I started doing Three Speed Rides in 2011.) There’s definitely some cool things I want to accomplish this year.

First up, the elephant in the room: Yes, I am very much slacking in the wrapping up of the 2017 challenges. I still need to compile the winners of the October 2017, and then get the awards for that challenge and the April one. I still need to actually create these prize packs. Have patience. I will have it done by spring.

Same thing goes for new Society of Three Speeds memberships. It’s been a couple years since I ran out of Version 1.0 of the membership pack. I still need to create the spiffy new membership packs! Like the challenge prizes, expect to see something in spring.

Challenges: Despite…

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Heading to Vancouver BC for New Years!

Yep that’s right! Once again I leave Portland for the New Years holiday! Just like last year, I’m heading north to Vancouver BC. And of course I’m taking my bicycle (the Bantam) but also really hope it’s not snowy and icy like last time. But this time, Emee will be with me!

Currently, we are heading north on Amtrak Cascades Train 518. We’ll be getting into the Terminal City sometime around 11 PM tonight. We’ll have three full days to explore town (Sunday December 31, Monday January 1, Tuesday January 2) then take Amtrak back to Portland Wednesday morning.

I’ll be updating my Instagram and Flickr feeds along the way. Check them out to see what we get up to!

A dry spell

It’s no secret: Winter in this part of the Northwest is about rain. No, it’s not a non-stop downpour, but there are more days that feature some sort of precipitation than not. But there are dry days, even sunny days interspersed in there. During the middle of winter, it’s rare to get more than two consecutive sunny days.

But now? We are in the middle of a pretty rare dry and sunny spell. A ridge of high pressure is dominating the entire West Coast, which is nice for us up here (but is basically fueling the wildfires in SoCal, sorry about that.) It’s been dry since Monday December 4, and is supposed to stay dry until at least Friday December 15th, the next time the word “rain” is even uttered in the forecast. Almost two weeks of dry! We haven’t had a ten day dry spell like this since 2009.

It’s been fairly mild, mid 40’s to 50’s F (7-10 C), but a stiff east wind makes it feel colder. I’ve been trying to get out as much as possible, but work plus limited daylight and other obligations mean it’s not easy. The most I managed is a quick ride to Mount Tabor after work on Wednesday. I got up there as the sun was setting.

I do have a three day weekend starting Sunday (now), but Bike Craft is this coming weekend, and I am nowhere near ready. It’s semi tempting to go camping, but a) Bike Craft b) long, cold nights  c) I just went “camping” last weekend  and d) I will be out of town for both Christmas and New Years, so no shortage of “going somewhere”. Still, the instinct of “camp when you can” is there.

I’ll at the very least get a good long ride in. I’m tempted to head east to the Columbia Gorge. After a few months of it being essentially closed off due to the Eagle Creek Fire, parts of the old Highway are open again, including Crown Point. It would be nice to see this area again, but that stiff east wind (even stiffer out there) is daunting. Still, I’ll do something…

And this dry spell may stick around long enough that we’ll appreciate the return of the rain!

15% Off Holiday Sale in my Store!

IMG_20171127_110854-01.jpegHello friends! It’s that time of year, the time you think about buying gifts for others (or maybe yourself?) So now is a good time for a li’l sale in my Store!

Pretty much everything over in my Storenvy Store is 15% off through 11:45 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, December 10th. Choose from a selection of comics, zines, postcards, posters, and stickers!

Here is the fine print:

  • Discount applies only to the items, not shipping or Storenvy fees
  • Discount will be automatically applied, no need for a coupon code!
  • Minimum order of $5.00
  • New Old Stock 2.125 Pre-Order and Postcard Club 2018 are not on sale

Alright, hope you find something you like. And thank you for your support!

Heading to the East Coast Nov 14-20

Hello people, time for a trip!

Tomorrow, Monday November 13, @ejpevents and myself take a red eye to the East Coast! We will be in the Boston area Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov 14-15), then Amtrak to New Haven on Thursday, where we’ll be until Saturday evening (Nov 16-18). Then Metro North to New York, where we be until Monday night (Nov 18-20) Tuesday morning we fly home.

It’s going to be a whirlwind trip, and I haven’t been Back East in TEN YEARS! (Haven’t flown in almost four!) Maybe I’ll see you? We’ll be hitting up Carl’s b-day thing in Boston on Wednesday, and hope to hit up New Haven Bike Party on Saturday.

Oh yeah, we are NOT bringing bikes yet (appropriate folding bikes are not in the quiver) but we’ll be using Bike Share where we can and maybe borrowing where we can’t.

Message me if you want to attempt to hang out.