REMINDER: Three Speed Ride is TOMORROW, Sunday April 22!

Society Of Three Speeds

Yes! Tomorrow, Sunday April 21st is the spring #threespeedride Meet at 1:30 PM at Rivelo, 401 SE Caruthers St. We depart at 2. Bring a hub geared bike of three, four, or five speeds. Ride ends at mystery destination and not a loop, but there will be transit options.Four of the five #threespeedadvapr2018 challenges will be met on the ride:

  1. A ride of 15 miles
  2. Climb of 5% or more grade for 100 feet of climbing
  3. Rough stuff/Gravel
  4. Coffee Outside (bring your own gear) which will happen nearer the end

A few notes:

  • It’s going to be 60F and sunny!
  • We will have a refreshment supply stop at the end
  • Coffee/tea at end, bring snacks and maybe a picnic blanket
  • There will be a few muddy spots!

See you tomorrow!😀


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Three Speed Adventure April 2018: The report, so far.

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of Three Speeds! We’re almost smack-dab in the middle of Three Speed Adventure April, so time for a quick status report. What’s going on?

Well, not much, at least yet.

So far, fifteen folks have officially registered. But no one has completed ANY of the Challenge reports. So there ain’t much going down as far as I know.

There have been some murmurs, though. Velocipedium (on Instagram and Wordpres) has shared some images of a few rides, but I don’t know what the stats are. Our friend Tarik Saleh (of the Bike Club fame) has obtained a Schwinn Traveler three speed that he is fixing up to do the challenge. And I heard rumors that Maria aka Bicycle Kitty is doing a Three Speed Camping Trip to Oxbow Regional Park on Saturday April 28th.

And…that’s it.

So, if you’ve been doing the Challenge, let me know! Please remember…

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Three Speed Campout, June 2-3: We need a hands count

Society Of Three Speeds

IMG_20171015_163517-01.jpegHello folks! The Society of Three Speeds has hosted two camp-outs before, but we took 2017 off. The previous camping trips have gone to Ainsworth State Park. We’re planning on another campout for the first weekend of June, which not only falls in Pedalpalooza, but is part of Adventure Cycling Association’s annual Bike Travel Weekend!

Originally I was planning to go back to Ainsworth. The campground will be open on June 2 and 3, but the Historic Columbia River Highway may be not. It’s been closed since the Eagle Creek Fire last September, and there is no definitive plans for a reopening date. It could be open, it could be closed. If it’s closed, not only would we miss attractions like Multnomah Falls,* Horsetail Falls, and Oneonta Gorge, but…we would have to ride on the shoulder of Interstate 84. And that would not be fun.

So, we have come…

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Three Speed Ride, Sunday 22 April. Plus, Challenge form is LIVE.

Society Of Three Speeds

2018-03-17 10.44.02-01.jpegHello friends of three Speeds! Finally got the April Three Speed Ride sorted! So here are the details.

Meet on Sunday April 22nd at Rivelo, 401 SE Caruthers St #103. (It’s very close to the OMSI/SE Water station on the Orange Line of the MAX.) We will gather at 1:30 PM and depart at 2, so time to shop!

It’ll be a fifteen mile ramble, not a loop. BICYCLES EQUIPPED WITH 3, 4, OR 5 SPEED INTERNALLY GEARED HUBS ONLY.

And since this is Three Speed Adventure April, four of the five Challenges will be met:

  1. A ride of 15 miles (24km)
  2. A climb of 5% grade or steeper, for at least 100 feet (30 m) of elevation gain
  3.  Unpaved ride of ½ mi (1 km) cumulative
  4. Coffee outside


Also, I have gotten the form sorted out for this year’s Three Speed Adventure April. If you want this…

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Finally! Full info about Three Speed Adventure April 2018!

Society Of Three Speeds

Okay! I know that some of you have been waiting with baited breath (Bicycle Kitty!) so here is the full scoop on this year’s Three Speed Adventure April. I’m going to post the pertinent details that differ from last year’s challenge:

  •  The Three Speed Adventure April challenge will occur during the full calendar month of April,which in 2018 is Sunday April 1st through Monday April 30th. So your ride(s) can happen anytime in April. (If you are doing a bike overnight, I will be so gracious to allow you to start one on Saturday March 31st, or end one on Tuesday May 1st. HOWEVER, any other challenges MUST happen within the month of April. So, if you do a bike overnight that overflows into the adjoining months AND want to add other stuff like Coffee Outside or the Climbing Challenge, they HAVE to be within April.)
  • The deadline for…

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Rough Stuff Ramble, Sunday March 25th

And a reminder: The Rough Stuff Ramble will be happening this Sunday March 25th! Meet at 11 AM at Woodlawn Park in NE. We’ll depart at 11:30 for a 15 mile mixed terrain adventure. Expect some unpaved roads, secret paths, and places you probably haven’t been to before! We’ll end at a place to get food and adult beverages, but you probably won’t have time to get brunch afterwards.😝 Tires on the wider side (35 mm or better) recommend. And you’ll probably look out of place if you’re wearing your Rapha kit.😂 #roughstufframble

Three Speed Get Together, Sunday 25 February

Hello folks! As spring continues to march its way towards us, now is the time to have a Society of Three Speeds events. Not a ride just yet, but a get-together!

Join us on Sunday February 25th at 6 PM at venerable Velo Cult Bike Shop Thing plus Tavern Type Thing, 1969 NE 42nd Ave in Portland’s Hollywood District. We’ll hang out indoors for a couple hours, drink beer, and talk three speeds. If we feel so inclined, maybe we’ll take a short spin afterwards. So bring your three speed!

Pertinent points of this gathering:

  • There will be trivia! And possibly a few prizes with trivia.
  • We’ll talk about the upcoming Three Speed Adventure April Challenge.
  • We’ll also check in on upcoming Society of Three Speed activities.

Also worth noting: On Saturday February 24, Velocirque will be happening at Velo Cult! This is a vintage bike show happening from 3 to 8 PM. This time around, they are specifically encouraging three speeds to show up and strut their stuff! So don’t be shy, bring down your trusty three speed to be ogled by others. (Having a kickstand is a definite plus.) There’ll be a ride meeting at the shop at 10 AM before the main event.

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Retro-Grouch Shaving Dept. (Reprise)

I mentioned this in a post last week, but since it’s been so dead at work, I’ve been spending hours “binge-reading” years worth of my old blog posts. Not because I’m vain, just because it’s sometimes fun to relive one’s past and see what I was up to in 2014.

Anyways, I came across this post from 2013 where I talk about changing up my personal shaving habits. I decided to abandon the “razor wars” and dump the four-to-six bladed monstrosities and go for the simple classic safety razor of a single blade. I picked up a cheap vintage Gillette on etsy, got a shaving brush and old school shaving cream, watched a few videos, and got on my way down the road of Retro-Grouch Shaving.

And five years later? Still doing it that way! I still have that Gillette razor. I still use a brush, but a nicer one than the $5 Freddies special. And I still use traditional shaving creams and soaps vs Edge Gel or some nonsense. And I’ve been liking it. My shaves over the past half-decade have been better than my previous 23 years worth. I’ve gotten to like the process of shaving (so zen!) though I do take longer to shave. And because I like shaving, I do it more often vs. the every three days I used to do. That’s mostly because the process of shaving (and its aftermath) is not as harsh as it used to be.

I’ve tried a few different types of creams, soaps, oils, and balms. I’ve managed to stay within reason on prices; I haven’t gone down the wormhole like I initially worried about. And it’s not hard to do this old school wet shaving without breaking the bank, as double-edged blades are cheap, you can get them 10 for $3 if you aren’t worried about brands (though I spend a little bit more). And traditional creams last a long time if you use a brush.

I have expanded the kit a little bit, so I have a shaving kit at Emee’s house when I stay over there, plus a “travel” shave kit for when I tour or travel. Most of this stuff is vintage and came from scouring eBay/etsy.

Now I can’t see going back to those super modern razors. And I just don’t like having a beard, so I’ll keep on shaving…