The LAST membership sale: $5 off the basic and deluxe memberships until Sunday!

Society Of Three Speeds

Well friends, ca$h flow around the Urban Adventure League/Society of Three Speeds headquarters is a bit strained these days. So I’m offering up the last sale (I hope) on Society of Three Speeds memberships!

Until 11:59 PM Pacific Time, Sunday July 21 2019, I’m knocking off $5 the memberships. Get the Basic Society of Three Speeds membership (no Postcard Club included) for just $15 plus shipping. Get the Deluxe version (includes Postcard Club) for $20 plus shipping. On Monday July 22nd they’ll be $20 and $25 (plus shipping), respectively.

And feel free to check out other great items in my store. While I don’t have any other sales running right now, you still get some great deals if you buy the multi-packs of items. My Comix/Zine six pack is just $15 plus shipping. If you bought each thing individually, you’d pay $20!

Plus, I am still very much available for…

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SOLD: Acorn, Riv/Sackville, Philosophy

UPDATE 28 JUNE 2019: All items have sold. Thanks for playing! Acorn Handlebar (Barrel) Bag. This is an older, more deluxe version of the (always sold out) current version depicted here. (And it doesn't appear like Acorn is currently offering green.) This bag seems to be of the same overall dimensions/capacity (dimensions: 11"w x 5",… Continue reading SOLD: Acorn, Riv/Sackville, Philosophy

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My Pedalpalooza 2019, Two Weeks In

Pedalpalooza is all of June. Portland's annual festival of bike fun. I tend to lead a lot of events during the month, mostly because the types of rides I like to do are not as represented on the calendar as they used to be. I get so busy in the process of planning and leading… Continue reading My Pedalpalooza 2019, Two Weeks In

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Central Oregon Tour: A status report

So it's Monday night, and I'm still in Bend. No, I'm still doing a tour. But the weather, sheesh. As I was taking the bus from Clackamas to Bend on Sunday (May 19), I was greeted by a steady and relentless rain as we created the Cascades. This rain did not stop when i entered… Continue reading Central Oregon Tour: A status report


Three Speed Day Tour Report

Society Of Three Speeds

Saturday April 20th was a good day to be on a three speed. It was a mix of sun and clouds, a high in the low 60’s F. Myself and nine other riders (plus one dog!) departed from Ford Food and Drink in SE Portland after 10 AM. Our destination: Oregon City.

It was a sixteen mile ride to Oregon City. The first half of this was mostly on low trafficked streets in Portland, the second half was mostly bike path in Clackamas County. The Trolley Trail is a pleasant way to ride. We stopped around mile 9 at Rivervilla Park along the Willamette where we fulfilled two of the five Three Speed Adventure April Challenges: Coffee Outside and the Climb. Yes, it’s a short but steep pitch from the river back up to the Trail.

We had an extended break in Oregon City. First, we toured through downtown and…

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Reminder: Sturmey Archer Hub Rebuild Workshop is Wednesday!

Hello friends of Three Speeds! Just a reminder that our first workshop, the Sturmey Archer Hub Rebuild Workshop, is just two days away. And while we’ve sold half of the spots, we still have space available for you! This class will be taught by expert mechanic Patrick Loftus, who has overhauled many an AW hub… Continue reading Reminder: Sturmey Archer Hub Rebuild Workshop is Wednesday!


Another bike shop closes.

April marks eighteen years in Portland. Eighteen! If I had a kid on April 4, 2001, it'd be voting age by now! Some days feel like I just moved here, and some things in this town seem eerily trapped in amber (there's always going to be people playing chess at night at Coffee Time). But… Continue reading Another bike shop closes.


The Errandonnee: Finishers Prize!

I did the art for this year’s Errandonnee patch!

We have a new design this year for the Errandonnee finishers badge. This year’s patch – which embodies the fresh energy and bright hues of springtime – was created by Shawn Granton of Urban Adventure League. Thank you, Shawn, for this vibrant patch!

Falls Creek Outfitters will once again be converting this design into reality with their excellent embroidery talents!

As a reminder, the full set of rules for participating are here. You can track your errands however you like, and remember you can do as many errands as you like per day. The total mileage just has to end up at 30 or more miles. That’s a little over two miles per errand, totally doable!

A basket full of flowers. A bell for making your presence known around town. The Errandonnee calls to you! If you are currently on the fence about participating this year, I hope…

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