A reflection on the Society in 2022, and what’s ahead for 2023

Society Of Three Speeds

Riding the Esplanade with my Raleigh Superbe, Portland. 5 Dec 2022

Hello, friends of three speeds. 2022 was a very quiet year for the Society, possibly the quietest year since I founded it way back in 2013. This year we had no rides and one challenge, and that was just photo-based. (Three Speed April) I was a bit burnt out from a year-plus of managing various challenges, and the lackluster turnout for rides in 2021 meant that I wasn’t going to do another ride until I felt I had the energy to make it special. That energy was not there in 2022.

As for membership, we welcomed fifteen new members this year. This is much less than 2021, where we had 56 new members. My current “upside down Sturmey-Archer trigger shifter” logo has been popular, though, and pretty much all the membership kit supplies from that 2021 are gone, prompting…

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A wrap-up of my life in film photography: 2022

Trunk sleeps three. The Cully, 2 Dec 2022 Camera: Minolta XD5 Lens: Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 Film: Ilford HP5+ I'm just finishing up the third year that I've been back into film. It's been a fun adventure, so far. This year I bought a few more cameras, sold or got rid of a few, and... Continue Reading →

SoTS Buttons and Patches pre-order/re-order

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! I updated the Society of Three Speeds logo in the spring of 2021 to the current “upside down Sturmey shifter”. I wanted something bolder and more easily translatable than the previous design of the airway beacon atop Rocky Butte (NOT a lighthouse!) Apparently you folks like the design, as all the enamel pins and virtually all the patches from the 2021 order are now gone.

So it’s time to reorder. I’m still keeping that design, as I like it a lot. I know a few members just wanted to purchase patches and/or pins without buying a new kit. So for a limited time, I’m offering those to anyone who is a current member of SoTS as a pre-order:

  • Patches for $8 USD, plus s/h
  • Enamel pins for $12 USD, plus s/h

Go to my Big Cartel page to order.You must be an existing member…

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Save the Date: Three Speed Tour, Sat 29 Apr 2023

Society Of Three Speeds

Emee takes in Willamette Falls, 11 April 2021. Camera: Minolta SR-T 101. (SRT-101) Film: Kodak Ektar 100.

Yes, friends of Three Speeds, it’s been awhile. Pandemic was hard for three speed rides, I only have managed one in this new decade, back in 2021. And with that ride, it became clear that occasional small-scale rides scattered throughout the year was not a sustainable model for me. There’s going to be one ride a year, and it’ll be a biggish one.

With no Society of Three Speeds events or challenges in 2022, besides the photo-only April challenge, 2023 will be the year we see the return of the Three Speed Tour. I’ve only done it once, back in April of 2019 (I planned on a 2020 ride, but pandemic obviously quashed that). This twenty-five mile ride to Oregon City and back was successful, and I’ve been eager to do it…

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Bikes and Film Cameras Ride: Black and White, Sat 11 Feb 2023

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Hello folks! It’s time for another Bikes and Film Cameras Ride. Since it’s winter, the theme is Black and White.

Do you love shooting on film? 35mm, medium format, instant, you name it. This ride is to celebrate this once thought dead format. Dust off your old Minolta SR-T 101, pump up the tires on your Raleigh Superbe, and come along with us for a 10-ish mile cruise. We’ll stop by several spots good for documenting on film.

The concentration for this ride is black and white, so please bring at least one camera dedicated to shooting black and white film stock.

This is a casually paced ride with many stops, no one left behind. Ride start location TBA, but will be in central Portland accessible by transit.

Also: it is perfectly OK to bring film/camera related things to share, trade, etc. In fact, it’s ENCOURAGED! I’ll be bringing some…

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Film photography featured on NBC Nightly News

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

The excellent Kosmo Foto shared this recent NBC Nightly News clip talking about the resurgence of film photography. Even more interesting: the clip was shot with a film (cinema) camera, the first time in over 40 years that NBC News did this. Enjoy!

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Easier Gearing on Older Three Speeds

Society Of Three Speeds

One frequently discussed problem with vintage three speeds is high gearing. Raleigh et al usually mounted 18 tooth cogs on their rear hubs, which often makes going uphill a chore. The best way to lower the gearing (and make hill climbing easier) is to swap that small cog with a larger one. Nola Wilken of Restoring Vintage Bicycles from the Hand Built Era recounts her experience of doing so on her 1950 Raleigh Sports Tourist:

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Ride Report: BFCC, Night Photography-9 Oct 2022

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Oh yeah, BFCC is the abbreviation for Bikes and Film Cameras Club.

Sunday October 9 was a good night for a bike ride. It was warm and clear, though a bit hazy due to distant fires. Nine of us (myself and eight riders) met on the east flank of Mount Tabor at 5:30 PM. The idea was to occupy part of the picnic area to watch the moonrise. Since it was already occupied, we simply moved a wee bit south, where we still had a great view of the eastern horizon. The moon came over the horizon a bit after 6:45, a bit dim at first due to the haze, but then it got brighter and redder. Some of us thought that another orange light on the horizon was the rising moon, but it unfortunately turned out to be a forest fire, the Nakia Creek Fire, in SW Washington.


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