Of watches and minimalism

It was barely a month ago I got a new watch, an automatic "Waterbury" watch from Timex. This is the nicest watch I've ever owned. Yet barely a month later, I've purchased another watch. It's another Timex, one of their "Weekender" watches. It's one of the least expensive watches they make. I paid $35 for... Continue Reading →

Tracking the miles, finding the loop

The Bantam at Mount Tabor, 4 September 2022. Olympus XA2/Fujicolor 200 At the start of the year I decided to track the miles I rode. This was done primarily to have some sort of metric of the riding I do. If I want to "ride more", I need to know how much I already ride.... Continue Reading →

That melancholy as seasons shift

Summer is over. Well, it's not technically over, according to the calendar, as autumnal equinox is not until September 22nd, two weeks away. But here in the US the feeling of summer definitely dissipates when Labor Day weekend (first Monday of September) is over and done. Kids go back to school. People's vacations conclude. Now... Continue Reading →

25 Years of Vegetarianism

Old US Customs House, Portland. Ricohflex Dia/Ilford XP2+ Another milestone for me to process: 25 years ago I stopped eating meat. I don't remember the exact day my vegetarianism went into effect. I just know that I had some burgers on Labor Day 1997 (which would have been Monday September 1st) at the family barbecue,... Continue Reading →

Exhaustion and frustration

A lovely view (at Open Meadow). 1 July 2022. Ricohflex Dia/Ilford XP2+ I just finished a week where I led three different bicycle rides. Three! They weren't all back-to-back, but there was only one "off" day separating the rides. (Ride-Off-Ride-Off-Ride) And I don't know why I decided to do it this way. Was it because... Continue Reading →

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