Ride Report: Sunset/Moonrise Ride, 11 August 2022

Camera: Minolta SR-T 101. Lens: Minolta Celtic MC 135mm f/3.5 Film: Lomography 800 Thursday August 11th was a long and tough day for me. I had to wake up at 6, and my morning and afternoon was dealing with transporting a stage (via UHaul truck) and setting it up/dismantling. This was all for my day... Continue Reading →

Ride Report: Sunset/Moonrise Ride, 13 July 2022

Riding along the Marine Drive bike path, 13 July 2022. Canon Snappy K/Kodak Gold 200 Initially I thought that I would be out of town for July's full moon, but when that trip didn't materialize I decided to add another Sunset/Moonrise Ride to the Pedalpalooza calendar. I always have fun on this ride, so why... Continue Reading →

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