Weekend Report: A little bit o’ everything, both good and bad.

Hey folks! Yeah, life has been busy so I haven't posted to here as much as I should. As always, the best day-to-day record of my life can be found on my instagram. With that out of the way, let me talk a bit about my past weekend, from Thursday April 26 through Sunday April... Continue Reading →

Visits with Marc and Grant

Hello friends. Pardon the cobwebs. I haven't really posted in a couple weeks for a couple reasons. The first is that there hasn't been much going on bikewise here. Short days and a five day work week mean little time for fun rides, plus we've had a good spate of wet weather. But more importantly,... Continue Reading →

A visit to Rivendell

I first visited the Bay Area in 1998. I lived there from 2000-1. I visited several times since then. Yet, I had never been to Walnut Creek, a town on the east side of the Oakland/Berkeley Hills, some 15 miles from Oakland. And why should I have? No one I knew lives/lived there, it just... Continue Reading →

Fly like a (bald) eagle.

Bald eagle near Scappoose, OR. Photo R0NgThursday, January 17th. Another crisp yet brilliantly sunny winter day in Portland. I wouldn't say that the "cold snap" is done, as nighttime temps have still been dipping below freezing. (This is enough to constitute "cold snap" in Portland.) But there has been a "thaw" as daytime highs are... Continue Reading →

New bling for the Wayfarer

Why yes, there will be talk about the Crested Butte very soon. But first, some talk about my other Raleigh bike, the Wayfarer! After getting a rebuilt rear wheel and a new Linus rear rack, there was not much else I could do with this lovely bike, so I declared this bike "pretty much done". But... Continue Reading →

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