A coffee outside and post ramble, plus vanishing places. 23 April 2022

Southwest Community Park, 23 April 2022. Olympus 35RD, Kodak TMAX 400, developed with Ilfosil 3, 1:9 solution at 6:20 in a Rondinax 35U tank I'm really happy that PDX Coffee Outside has moved from the "weekday morning at 7 am" template that many of these types of events have, instead landing on Saturdays at 9... Continue Reading →

Finding Kingsley D. Bundy, finally

Secret trails in Reed Canyon just west of SE Cesar Chavez Blvd, 10 Mar 2022. Minolta Freedom Zoom 160/Fuji Superia Xtra 400 One of the things I love to do is explore this place I call home. Over the past twenty-odd years I've spent a lot of my free time on a bike or transit,... Continue Reading →

Whitaker Pond Ramble, 7 March 2022

Whitaker Ponds Natural Area is a place that I've known about for a long time, and would occasionally pass on a bike ride. It's a small natural area consisting of two ponds adjacent to the Columbia Slough, a bit of wild that remained while industry grew around it. Even though I love spots like this,... Continue Reading →

A ramble around downtown: 22 May 2021

Old US Custom House on the North Park Blocks. Konica C35 EF, Agfa APX 100 After I participated in Portland's first Coffee Outside of the year, I decided to run some errands by bike. It was only 11 AM, so doing errands now would be a refreshing change from the "sometime later in the afternoon"... Continue Reading →

Twenty Years in Portland

SolTerra Building, SE Division St, 1 March 2021. Agfa Isolette/Kodak Ektar 100 April 4, 2001, I'm dropped off in Portland via Amtrak's Empire Builder. After almost a quarter-century in Connecticut and an unsuccessful year in the Bay Area, I was ready to give Portland a go. I didn't know that much about The Rose City,... Continue Reading →

A visit to Marshall Park, 6 March 2021

Marshall Cascades, Tryon Creek at Marshall Park. Camera: Minolta SR-T 101. (SRT-101) Film: AristaEDU 200 (Fomapan 200) It was "kids weekend". Emee and her ex split custody, and Saturday March 6 we had the kids. We try to have a little adventure with them to counter all the computer time they get. For me it's... Continue Reading →

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