Rough Stuff Rambling in NE, Wednesday 18 March

I had no grand plans for a big adventure this mid-week, since there was A LOT I wanted to accomplish on my days off. (Did I get a lot done? Enough for now.) And since I'm leading the Three Speed Ride on Saturday, I'm going to get a "big" ride no matter what. But I... Continue Reading →

Catching the Holiday Express

Every holiday season, from Thanksgiving weekend until about a week before Christmas, the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation runs the Holiday Express excursion train. The train runs along the old interurban line that parallels the Springwater Corridor, from the north entrance of the OMSI/Springwater Corridor near SE 4th and Stephens (right south of the rail musum) to... Continue Reading →

Post-Pepin update.

It's a rather crappy day day here in Minneapolis, a day consisting of a steady wave of downpours and thunderstorms. So a good time for quick reflection. A longer post will happen when I return home, but lack of desire to be on the internet on my "vacation" will cause that to be delayed. (Not... Continue Reading →

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