The itch for bike camping returns

Bike Camping at Ainsworh SP/Columbia Gorge, 25 Aug 2020. Ricoh 35 ZF/AristaEDU 200. We're having some nice weather for the beginning of March. That snow and ice storm? So two weeks ago. How can you think about winter when the outside temp is nearing 60F? Not only do we have nicer weather, but the days... Continue Reading →

The benefits of “temperate” winters

Olympus Pen EES-2, Kodak Ultramax 400. Taken on December 13, 2020, which pretty much is "winter" here. I've said it here before: While Portland has a real winter (meaning: a distinct season) its "realness" is not on par with what I saw when I lived in Connecticut many a decade ago. Here, winter is more... Continue Reading →

The update: Fresh air again.

The last couple weeks here in Portland have been hard. No doubt you've heard about the wildfires that raged (and are still somewhat raging) in Oregon. Exploding over the Labor Day weekend, driven by high winds and dry air, the fires have burned up an area larger than the size of Rhode Island (for non-Americans,... Continue Reading →

Growing the hair out

Self-Portrait, Kenilworth Park. 28 Aug 2020. Camera: Olympus XA2. Film: Ilford HP5+ 400. Since stay at home became a thing, I've seen a lot of #pandemicbeards on the social medias. Why bother shaving when you can't go anywhere? That's not for me. I don't like beards, so looking like a member of ZZ Top is... Continue Reading →

Fire and Wind: The current status

Ah, September. So fickle. I was hoping that things would be heading a little towards autumn by now, or maybe we'd see a little rain. Instead, we got a once-in-a-century wind event, strong east winds for two days. We get winds out of the northwest in summer, never east. East wind means dry and hot.... Continue Reading →

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