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Louisville Trip, 26-29 August 2019

Ever since I started to do some work for Emee's event planning business last year, I've been travelling more than I used to. This is due to the nature of the biz, since hotels, chambers of commerce, travel bureaus, and the like are eager to bring us out to places in order to show us… Continue reading Louisville Trip, 26-29 August 2019

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San Francisco now

The first few days of this Bay Area trip flew by. Thursday and Friday were occupied with "business": Representing Emee's event planning company for Visit Berkeley. For two days I was shuttled around with other folks to see various sites around this college town. It was good, but exhausting, days not ending until late. But… Continue reading San Francisco now

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Bay Area Trip: A day in.

I boarded the southbound Amtrak Coast Starlight around 2 PM on Tuesday. Trains are my preferred method of travel when it's too far/long or maybe not the best season to bike. I've taken the train to the Bay Area for all of my teens trips, which always seem to happen in late winter. Winter is… Continue reading Bay Area Trip: A day in.

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A week in the East: 13-21 November 2017

My week(ish) long vacation that happened Monday November 13 through Tuesday November 21st was significant for a number of reasons: My first time on the East Coast in ten years (last time 2007), my first time on a plane in almost four (last time Jan 2014), my first long trip with my current girlfriend Emee,… Continue reading A week in the East: 13-21 November 2017