The Return of the Superbe

My Raleigh Superbe at Kronberg Park on Kellogg Creek, Milwaukie OR. 21 Jan 2022. Camera: Olympus 35 RD/Film: Fujicolor 100 It's the central irony of my bike-liking life: As soon as I take the time to praise a particular bike, it goes away in some sense. It was just a few months after praising my... Continue Reading →

Traveling with a Brompton

Readying the Bromptons for the train. Boarding Amtrak's Empire Builder at Portland Union Station, 11 May 2022. Camera: Minolta XD5 Lens: Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 Film: Kentmere 400 It's been over a half year since Emee and I have purchased Bromptons. We've fallen in love with these unique bicycles and have done some tweaks and... Continue Reading →

Personalizing the Brompton

It's been three months since Emee and I have gotten our Bromptons. We bought them from REI, since no one else seemed to have them when we were looking (at least not at an affordable price.) I'm really thankful that REI had them (hello, dividend!) but they only carry bare-bones versions, and only in black.... Continue Reading →

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