25 Years Ago: My first cross-country adventure

The Bay Bridge, which I first saw on Thursday 19 February 1998. This photo taken on 24 June 2022. Camera: Olympus XA2 Film: Fuji 200 I've lived on the West Coast of the United States for almost twenty-three years. I'm quickly reaching the point where my West Coast life will be longer than my East... Continue Reading →

Twenty-five years of Ten Foot Rule

Ten Foot Rule comics, 1997-2000 I don't remember the exact date, but I do know this: In July of 1997, I took a collection of comics that I made, went down to the local Staples, and printed my very first mini-comic (or comic-zine), TEN FOOT RULE #1. It was a pretty humble start, just twelve... Continue Reading →

Ten Years since my Cross-Con Tour

It's a long time ago, yet feels like yesterday: Ten years ago on this very day my then-partner April and I embarked on a cross-continent tour. Our goal was big: Ride from the Pacific Northwest eastward, with a detour into the Canadian Rockies and Prairies, then through the Midwest and Northeast, hopefully ending up in... Continue Reading →

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