Reflections on three or so years of working (mostly) for myself

Self-Portrait at Vestal School. 24 Dec 2021. Samsung Maxima Zoom 105/Kodak Ultramax 400. It's 2022, and I'm still working towards the goal of being some sort of Professional Artist. This idea is not new. By the time I hit high school at the very, very end of the 80s 1 my hope was that I'd... Continue Reading →

Hawthorne Hostel 1984-2020

I got word that the HI-Portland Hawthorne Hostel is closing for good. The pandemic has shut the hostel down since late March, yet there was some hope that things would "get back to somewhat normal" and the hostel could re-open. This of course is not the case. The parent company (Hostelling International-USA) has decided to... Continue Reading →

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