Time for leaves and puddles. SE Division, 22 Oct 2022 Olympus Pen EES-2/Kodak Ultramax 400 After almost three years of pandemic I've managed to avoid COVID. I social distanced when advised, masked up, and got my vaccine plus a booster. I wondered if I could keep outrunning the virus indefinitely, especially since it seems like... Continue Reading →

“Getting it right” or moving on?

Foster Floodplain, 23 Oct 2022 Camera: Ricohflex Dia (Diacord) Film: Kodak Portra 800 It's been just about six months since Emee and I went to the Midwest to participate in this year's Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour. It was a lot of fun, as always. Despite telling myself that this would be the only one... Continue Reading →

The Opulence of Time

North Beach, Orcas Island. 5 August 2022. Camera: Olympus XA2/Film: Fujicolor 100 Stasia over at Carfree Rambles finished up a coast-to-coast (and Portland-to-Portland!) tour with her partner a little while ago. Like many folks who go on a big adventure like this, she's found the readjustment to "real life" a bit tough. In her latest... Continue Reading →

The unintentional watch collection

I'm on quite the roll of watch buying. For years, I generally only had one watch at a time. Then my comical attempts at watch maintenance earlier this year necessitated a new watch. After some pondering, I asked for an automatic mechanical watch for my birthday, a Timex Waterbury. This is the nicest watch I've... Continue Reading →

On beards and longer hair

Sometime this past summer. Pentax IQZoom 928/Fuji C200 I haven't done as many self-portraits in 2022 as I did in 2020 or 2021. But from the shots of me you do see, you'll notice that I've had a beard all year. While I've played around with various configurations of facial hair since graduating high school,... Continue Reading →

On registration for bike rides

By the Columbia Slough, 2 October 2022. LOMO LC-A/Fuji C200 I've been leading bicycle rides for almost twenty years. Most of that time I've followed "the Shift/Pedalpalooza ride posting principle": Post a ride with a public start place and see who shows up. This method usually worked fine, with anywhere from a few people to... Continue Reading →

Of watches and minimalism

It was barely a month ago I got a new watch, an automatic "Waterbury" watch from Timex. This is the nicest watch I've ever owned. Yet barely a month later, I've purchased another watch. It's another Timex, one of their "Weekender" watches. It's one of the least expensive watches they make. I paid $35 for... Continue Reading →

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