Coffeeneuring 2020: The Wrap Up

Another year, another Coffeeneuring Challenge under the belt! I've been participating in this challenge created by Mary Geresma of Chasing Mailboxes DC since 2013. I've completed most of them, doing the required seven rides, though I didn't complete it fully at least one year if not two. This year I came down to the wire,... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring 2020, Ride 7: Seven Virtues/Oregon Park, 23 November

Another year, another Coffeeneuring Challenge completed. But this year, it was really down to the wire. I did my last ride on the last possible day I could! As much as I'd like to finish with a grand statement, again simplicity and just getting the job done was the order of the day. I once... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring 2020, Ride One and Three Speed October, Week Three, Ride 2: On the beach at Cape Disappointment, 15 October 2020 (plus a Long Beach Peninsula Trip!)

Once again, another #coffeeneuring challenge is here! This challenge is from October 10 through What's that, you ask? I'll let Mary of Chasing Mailboxes DC (the admin!) explain: Essentially the challenge boils down to this: over the course of 7’ish weeks,ride your bike to 7 different places,at least 2 miles round trip each time,drink 7... Continue Reading →

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