A bloggin’ refresh

Hello folks! It's a new year, a time for a refresh. A new focus on blogs. And ain't no better way to refocus on yer blog than by changing the theme, eh? Those of you who actually look at my Urban Adventure League WordPress blog via URL (hi, Tim!)* instead of through a reader may... Continue Reading →

Temporary Relocation Project: My forgotten blog.

Most of you probably know about my other blog over on Society of Three Speeds. But fifteen years ago I started another other blog, one that you most likely don't know about! On August 6, 2005, one day before my 30th birthday, I launched my Temporary Relocation Project blog. I had just created the Urban... Continue Reading →

A belated 10th b-day for this blog!

Hello friends! I am not one for anniversaries, but 2015 is special. Not only did I become officially old, but I've been doing this blog for ten years! Woot! While I started Urban Adventure League in June of 2004, I didn't start blogging until a year later in June of 2005. (I know millennials, that... Continue Reading →

When blogs go dark

Over the five years that I've been really involved with this blogging world, I've seen more than a handful of blogs wither away. Maybe the person's interests had changed, or they felt like they said all they could say, or they just didn't have the time, or they just didn't care anymore. It happens, it's... Continue Reading →

Posts that come back from the dead

Generally, the only comments I get regarding old entries are from bored people in the middle of the night saying "This websit suxx. Yur stupide." or something to that effect. (Note to those folks so inclined: I moderate comments so they'll never get posted.) But the story I did about urban parrots and peacocks from... Continue Reading →

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