Spring Cleaning Sale: Bike stuff, pen stuff, film stuff

Bike typed stuff Velo Orange Retro Cage sans tab. Tubing is a little bent, but it's steel so could be massaged back to shape. $5 Origin 8 Flask Cage. $5 Opinel No.09 Carbon Steel Folding Knife. Shows a bit of patina, as it is not stainless steel. A bit hard to open/close too. $5 Velo... Continue Reading →

Bantam Rambleneur: The Second Honeymoon?

Under the St. Johns Bridge at Cathedral Park, 11 March 2023. Minolta XG-7/MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7 lens/Cinestill 400D I'm guessing for most people, there's a "honeymoon" phase when they get a new (or new to them) bicycle. This phase can be a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or a year or two.... Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning Sale!

March is here! And that means cleaning out the parts bins of things I'm not using and don't need anymore. So maybe you want or need? All prices listed are in US dollars and DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Please contact me to see what shipping would look like. Payment will be via Paypal, friends and... Continue Reading →

How long to keep it going?

You may have noticed an absence of photos of the Crested Butte over the past couple weeks. That's because it's been in the shop. I brought it to Upcycles because I figured the freewheel was toast, and Kai confirmed it, so he was going to replace it. Simple? Not so. When he removed the wheel,... Continue Reading →

This one goes to eleven.

I tell ya, sometimes living in Portland gets me down. The rising price of housing, the threat of a Cascadia Subduction earthquake, the TV show Portlandia, and lack of Dunkin' Donuts. It adds up. But sometimes, sometimes living in Portland can be great. And Sunday reminded me of Portland's greatness. Portland has had a great... Continue Reading →

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