Battle Ground Lake camping trip, 8-9 July 2018

It's July, and I've only been camping (bike or otherwise) once in 2018. This is quite the drought for me, by now I'd usually have somewhere between four and six trips under my belt. The only way to remedy that is by camping! I had Sunday and Monday off, and so did Emee, so we... Continue Reading →

Bike Camping at Battle Ground Lake, 15-16 Oct (Also, Three Speed October 2017 Week Three, Rides One and Two, and Coffeeneuring 2017 Ride 2!)

Nice days in October. Seize the opportunity when you can, because in another month, you'll be less likely to want to stay outside all day. Earlier last week, I noted that the weekend was going to be sunny and dry, with a high around 65F/18C. This would probably be the last "real nice" days of... Continue Reading →

Once again, to cabins…

Woke up dang early. Good, filling breakfast at Paradox Cafe. Now on MAX to Cascades Station. Destination tonight: Battle Ground Lake!A bit chilly this morn, 37F/3C. Can't complain after seeing the 3 feet of snow they got Back East...

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