Reflections on three or so years of working (mostly) for myself

Self-Portrait at Vestal School. 24 Dec 2021. Samsung Maxima Zoom 105/Kodak Ultramax 400. It's 2022, and I'm still working towards the goal of being some sort of Professional Artist. This idea is not new. By the time I hit high school at the very, very end of the 80s 1 my hope was that I'd... Continue Reading →

October 2020 Art Self-Challenge: Sputtering to a close

Hello all. Besides today being Halloween, today is the last day of Inktober. I've been doing my own thing with that challenge, not even calling it by the same name. I had the intent of making one journal comic a day for this month. The reality turned out different. I've missed about a week's worth... Continue Reading →

Support me on Ko-fi

Hello friends! I have gone ahead and set up a profile on Ko-fi. What is Ko-fi, you may ask? It's a crowdfunding membership platform service that allows fans of artists and the like (hopefully you!) get money to me. It's sort of like Patreon, but for the level I'm at, it works more like a tip jar.... Continue Reading →

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