Goodbye, Wayfarer

Originally posted on Society Of Three Speeds:
Friends, you may have noticed a lack of mention about m y three speed, the Raleigh Wayfarer. That’s because I haven’t ridden it in months. Currently it looks something like this. Yep, this stripped down frame is what remains of my Raleigh Wayfarer. No, nothing bad happened to…

A brief return of the Raleigh Wayfarer

The reports of the Raleigh Wayfarer’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Last we checked in, the lock ring to the bottom bracket had worked its way off and there were worries of stripped threading and imminent bottom bracket explosion. On Saturday I finally managed to get it down to a shop that deals in cottered… Continue Reading →

Raleigh Wayfarer three-speed

This bike left the stable in late 2015 The Raleigh Wayfarer. While I had owned a couple three speeds before this one, the Wayfarer got me really into three speeds, so much so that I’m now president of the club! The Wayfarer was acquired as a project bike with the idea of it being a fun… Continue Reading →

The Return of the Wayfarer

Notice something? Yep, my beloved Raleigh Wayfarer is BACK. Like Twain, the rumors of her death have been greatly exaggerated. Yeah, I know, last time I talked about the Wayfarer, I was bemoaning the broken seatstay and claiming the death of the frame. Then Bob of Bantam Bike Works swooped to the rescue, and welded… Continue Reading →

New bling for the Wayfarer

Why yes, there will be talk about the Crested Butte very soon. But first, some talk about my other Raleigh bike, the Wayfarer! After getting a rebuilt rear wheel and a new Linus rear rack, there was not much else I could do with this lovely bike, so I declared this bike “pretty much done”. But… Continue Reading →

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