PSA: Esbit coffee maker available at REI

The piece of camping gear that I get the most questions about is my Esbit stainless steel coffee maker. (Go check out info about my experiences with this kit here.) The problem is that it’s hard to find and appears sporadically in North America. Well, now REI has some in stock! It’s available in the… Continue Reading →

Camping Gear Corner: Esbit Coffee Maker

I’ve become quite the “gadget geek” when it comes to camping. This is partly because I want to familiarize myself with various options so I have knowledge of these things when I write bicycle touring guides and give bicycle touring workshops. And partly because I’m obsessive. I’m also obsessive about coffee. I want to, no,… Continue Reading →

PDX Coffee Outside, 12 Feb 2022

Ah, PDX Coffee Outside, I love you. Yet the last time I had participated in PDX Coffee Outside was the end of November. I had hoped to do one since then, but crappy weather through December and the Omicron surge through January (which cancelled the event) meant it didn’t happen. So I was happy when… Continue Reading →

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