Sunset/Moonrise Ride, Friday May 5th, plus a tentative schedule for Sunset Moonrise Rides

As we hurtle towards longer, warmer, and drier days (here in Portland, at least), it’s time to bring back one of my favorite ride series: Sunset/Moonrise Rides! The concept is simple: we go to a mystery spot to watch the sun set and moon rise. These rides happen on the Full Moon, when sunset and moonrise is either very close up to within an hour of each other.

The first one is scheduled for Friday May 5th at 7:30 PM. Meet me at Normandale Park in NE, nearest the NE 55th/Wasco entrance. We depart at 8 PM for an up to five mile cruise to a mystery destination to see the sun set and the moon rise. Ride not a loop. Lights, layers, and a picnic blanket are good ideas.

Please note: THERE IS NO STORE STOP. There is also a market near where we end, but the ride will not stop there. There should be open bathroom(s) at the end. Also: RIDE NOT A LOOP, we end where we stop. If you need help getting back to the start, let me know. Rest assured, we will still be in “civilization” where we end, with Tri-Met service nearby.

And most importantly: THIS IS A GOOD CONDITIONS RIDE. Clouds, rain, smoke, and excessive heat may cancel the ride. Check the Shift calendar on the day of ride for confirmation.


Below is the tentative schedule for 2023 Sunset/Moonrise Rides. Ride start location will be posted closer to ride date. Note that this schedule is tentative–planned rides may be cancelled if I’m out of town, etc. And even if the ride is posted, double-check on the day of ride to see if it’s cancelled due to adverse weather (clouds/rain) or other “acts of God” like smoke, bad air quality, and heat.

  • Saturday June 3
  • Monday July 3
  • Tuesday August 1
  • Wednesday August 30 (Blue Moon!)
  • Friday September 29 (this one may get cut, late September can be iffy)
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