Midnite Bicycle League 2023, Ride 2: Wednesday 25 January

Grant Park, 25 Jan 2023. Olympus XA/Kodak Portra 400

Another week, another ride to fulfill my Midnite Bicycle League Challenge! This time my destination was The Portland Darkroom in the North Coast Seed Building in North Portland. The Portland Darkroom is located in this building, and I was attending Open Darkroom. The weather was decent: dry and about 50F/10C. A nice night for a bike ride. I loaded up my Brompton with my needed supplies for the darkroom (negatives, photo paper) and rolled out the door a little after sunset.

The ride was a straightforward 5.2 miles (8.4 km) cross-town. I utilized many low traffic streets as I headed westward and also cut through Grant Park, where evening dog walkers and tennis players were holding court. The waning daylight waned to nothing by the time I got down to the industrial district of Lower Albina, where the North Coast Seed Building is located. The guy that let me in expressed concern with me bringing my bike up to the darkroom, and motioned to the inside bike parking area. I said I didn’t have a lock (since I’m riding the Brompton, I bring the bike with me than lock it) and he replied “It should be OK.” Note to non-cyclists: Never ever ever say this. But when I got upstairs, everyone was cool, just like the last time I brought it..1

I made my prints, then Emee picked me up. (The other convenience of folding bikes!) We got some dinner and headed home.

It was 5.2 miles (8.4 km) of riding.

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1 To anyone who thinks I was making assumptions or being pushy, before the first time I visited The Portland Darkroom I emailed them about my Brompton and they said it was OK to bring it up. And the bike isn’t inside the darkroom proper, but in the room outside it.

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