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Exfoliate. 8 Feb 2023 Camera: Olympus XA Film: Fuji C200 2023 will mark eighteen years of the Urban Adventure League blog. (It'll be voting age in the US!) The blog has gone through a lot over those years. The first half-decade was primarily a sprinkling of upcoming rides and then ride reports. Besides a more... Continue Reading →

An end of February State of the Bike Address, and plans for warmer bike adventures. (Plus: Snow in Portland)

From a snow ride in February 2018. We got much more snow this time. Even though selling the Raleigh Crested Butte was the right decision, as it was never, ever going to fit me correctly, I still miss it from time to time. I type this missive on Thursday evening, February 23rd. Portland has just... Continue Reading →

SoTS Buttons and Patches pre-order/re-order: Extended to April 30th

Society Of Three Speeds

I updated the Society of Three Speeds logo in the spring of 2021 to the current “upside down Sturmey shifter”. I wanted something bolder and more easily translatable than the previous design of the airway beacon atop Rocky Butte (NOT a lighthouse!) Apparently you folks like the design, as all the enamel pins and virtually all the patches from the 2021 order are now gone.

So it’s time to reorder. I’m still keeping that design, as I like it a lot. I know a few members just wanted to purchase patches and/or pins without buying a new kit. So for a limited time, I’m offering those to anyone who is a current member of SoTS as a pre-order:

  • Patchesfor $8 USD, plus s/h
  • Enamel pinsfor $12 USD, plus s/h

Go to my Big Cartel page to order.You must be an existing member of Society of Three Speeds…

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A quick trip to Eugene, 13-15 Feb 2023

Eugene, Oregon lies about 100 or so miles south of Portland. It's the state's second-or-third largest city, depending on the year. 1 Despite its size, it still feels like an overgrown town than real city. It's hard for me to not compare it to another college town I have experience with, New Haven, Connecticut. New... Continue Reading →

Bikes and Film Cameras Club Ride, 11 Feb 2023: The quick report

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

It was a good day to ride a bike in Portland. Saturday February 11th, 2023 started off a bit gloomy, but mild, but the sun came out and it got in the low 50’s F. It would have been a good day to use some slow film like Kentmere 100 or Acros, but I had prepared for the gloom with trusty ol’ Kentmere 400 in my Minolta XD5. (I shot mostly with the “standard” “kit” MD Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens, but a few shots were with my MD Rokkor 28-85 zoom.)

After a visit to Portland’s Coffee Outside at South Waterfront, Brian and I rode over to the meetup of Oblique Coffee Roasters at SE 31st and Stark. We had a small but hearty crew: Besides Brian and myself, there was Maria, Jonathan, Elijah, Arturo, and Eric and Sarah (who were on foot.) After a film and accessories exchange plus…

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