Midnite Bicycle League 2023: My first ride, Thursday January 19th

It took a little while before I could get my act together and ride the first ride for my Midnite Bicycle League Challenge. The motivation for after-dark riding if I’m not already out of the house isn’t usually there. But on Thursday January 19th, I found motivation: I needed to pick up something from the hardware store and also holds from the library. So I got on the Raleigh Superbe just after sunset (the next-to-last day the sun would set before 5 PM until next fall) and headed south to SE Division.

It was a pleasant night, not too cold, so it was nice riding around. I brought the Olympus XA2, loaded with Kodak Portra 400, to catch a few shots, like the dog waiting outside of New Seasons on Hawthorne. (Oh yeah, I stopped for a couple groceries as well. After the errands I had a pit stop at Belmont Station where I enjoyed a pint of IPA and listened to a couple old guys pontificate on Portland politics. One of the guys I even managed to sketch in my sketchbook, see above.

It was a 6.4 mile/10.3 km cruise altogether. One ride down, two more to go.

I see this bike at Belmont Library A LOT. 18 Jan 2023
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