Coffeeneuring 2022 Challenge Wrap-Up

Enjoying my coffee at Berrydale Park at sunset. 10 Nov 2022 Olympus Pen EES-2/Kodak Portra 160

Hello, friends. I finished it on the last day possible, but finish it I did: I have completed this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge. Yay! I’ve been doing it since 2013, which means next year will mark 10 years. I’ve participated each year, though there was at least one year I didn’t get in all seven rides. I thought for a minute, due to my late start and contraction of COVID, that I might not finish. But I did.

Each year I add a few subchallenges to the challenge. This year I had three, and completed them all;

  1. Ride every bike in the active fleet
  2. Do at least one Coffee Outside
  3. Ride somewhere that is not Portland

Yet despite all that, I found my 2022 Challenge a bit lacking, like I wanted something more, something exciting. I didn’t do any epic rides nor was any ride part of a tour/camping adventure. The longest ride I did was 22 miles/35 km, which isn’t too bad, but pales in comparison to the 60 mile ride I did to kick off my 2015 challenge. What can I say, my stamina is down. I hope to regain it at some point soon, and maybe I’ll do an over 30 mile ride next year.

In any case, despite my fretting, I had fun and look forward to another year.

You can check up write-ups for this year’s rides here. And below you can check out the dynamic flickr album for photos!

Bikeartober 2022, Sat 22 Oct: Coffeeneuring 2022, Ride 1

Oh yeah! I now co-administer the Coffeeneuring flickr group. Check out the photos below. Are you a flickr member that participated in this year’s challenge? Add your photos!

PDX Coffee Outside at Col. Summers Park, 18 March 2023
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