Support me on Patreon (and what’s going on with Postcard Club)

Self-Portrait, Laurelhurst Park. 28 Nov 2022 Olympus XA2/Fuji C200

Hello folks. I’m still on my path to becoming a full-time artist/creator type and I’ve been looking at ways to encourage you, the humble public, to support me. So I have now set up a Patreon page that can be found here.

I’m currently offering three tiers of support:

  1. “I like you” tier ($3/month) Join this tier to help support what I do. You’ll also hear about upcoming projects and events before others, and receive occasional coupons and discounts.
  2. “Postcard Club” ($6/month) Get everything offered in the “I Like You” tier, plus be a part of Postcard Club! I send one postcard a quarter with either a custom illustration or photograph on front, and info about current happenings on the rear.
  3. “Zine Club” ($12/month) Get everything that’s included in “I Like You” and “Postcard Club”, plus also get zines and comix shipped to you as they are released! I make on average two to three zines a year. You’ll get any zines/comix that are $7 USD or under as a perk, and get them before anyone else. And you’ll get a discounted price on publications more than $7 USD.

You might notice that I’ve titled the middle tier “Postcard Club”. I won’t be offering up my Postcard Club in the way I did in the past, where through my Store you can purchase a club membership and pay for the full year. That way was not as sustainable as hoped. So if you’d like to still get regular event postcards in the mail from me, this is how you can do it.

Becoming a Patron at any level will help me create art, make zines, research Portland history and geography, and create unique bicycle rides.

Are you afraid of the whole commitment angle of Patreon? There are other ways you can support me:

Any and all support from you fine folks is deeply appreciated!

Like my stuff? Go to my Ko-fi page to buy me a coffee!

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