A reflection on the Society in 2022, and what’s ahead for 2023

Society Of Three Speeds

Riding the Esplanade with my Raleigh Superbe, Portland. 5 Dec 2022

Hello, friends of three speeds. 2022 was a very quiet year for the Society, possibly the quietest year since I founded it way back in 2013. This year we had no rides and one challenge, and that was just photo-based. (Three Speed April) I was a bit burnt out from a year-plus of managing various challenges, and the lackluster turnout for rides in 2021 meant that I wasn’t going to do another ride until I felt I had the energy to make it special. That energy was not there in 2022.

As for membership, we welcomed fifteen new members this year. This is much less than 2021, where we had 56 new members. My current “upside down Sturmey-Archer trigger shifter” logo has been popular, though, and pretty much all the membership kit supplies from that 2021 are gone, prompting…

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Looking ahead to 2023

12 Dec 2022 Olympus XA2/Fuji Superia Xtra 400 At the close of a year, it's natural for some of us to plan and hope for the coming year. I know that it's become gauche to have things like "New Years Resolutions" anymore--if we want to change something, we shouldn't need the excuse of a new... Continue Reading →

2022: A life reflection

I've gone through forty-seven years of my life without ever getting a professional headshot. That changed in late 2022. Photography: Evrim Icoz Another year is ending. It's been interesting, as usual. We're still not completely done with pandemic, but it feels like the end is finally in sight. I kept myself busy with lots of... Continue Reading →

Bikes and Biking Year in Review: 2022

North Beach, Orcas Island. 5 August 2022 Looks dreamy, but this serene image was hard-earned from a challenging day biking the island. Olympus XA2/Fujicolor 100 Hello, friends. As another year comes to a close, it's customary for me to look back at the past year and reflect on what's happened, then ponder what may come... Continue Reading →

A darkroom update

Last week was the end of my Intro to Darkroom course. It was nominally a ten week course, but I missed four classes due to sickness and other things, and one was outright cancelled. So I went only six times. I had fun and did learn to print my photos. It was indeed a magickal... Continue Reading →

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