The last sale? 20% off zines through Friday December 2nd

Hello folks. Over the years I’ve struggled to price my goods and services accordingly. I want to have a price that is fair to the energy I put into making things but also fair to the buyer. I’ve generally erred on underpricing things. This is due to a couple factors: The punk-rock zine scene I came out of, where you may be chastised if you dare charge over a dollar for a zine, (“What? Don’t you scam your copies?”) and also low self-esteem–If I charge “too much”, will people buy my things?

I think I’ve gotten better with pricing over the last few years, thank you especially to Emee for helping me in this department. But it’s feast and famine when it comes to shop sales. So I sometimes put things on sale to encourage folks to buy stuff. Sometimes this works. But I also don’t want to give the idea that I constantly run sales, because people might not buy my stuff at full price.

So I’m meeting in the middle, one more time. From now until the end of day on Friday December 2nd, you can get 20% off all the zines in my Big Cartel Shop. This may be the last sale I run for awhile, so if you want to get an even better price on my publications, here’s your chance. Use the code ZINESALE2022 at checkout to get the discount. Discount does not apply to shipping/handling or taxes.

Don’t want to use the code? That’s fine as well. Any items you buy from my shop, either at full price or discount, goes to help an independent artist and small business owner. I thank you for your support.

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