Hey folks. If you hadn’t already figured out via Flickr or instagram, I’m in Houston, Texas. We’re down here to visit Emee’s family for Thanksgiving, though due to the expense and nightmare of traveling right at the holiday, we came early (Thursday) and are actually leaving on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Now Houston is definitely not a first choice destination for me—sprawly cities in the Southeast rarely are. But I’m always willing to give a place a shot. And I like exploring new-to-me places on my own terms, and that’s usually with a bicycle. Thankfully I now own a Brompton, possibly the easiest bike to travel with. We did it a little differently this time as we are taking Southwest. We packed them in IKEA Dimpa bags and checked them. That went okay, except for a nice new scratch on one of the hinges. 😦

One of the great things about bringing Bromptons is it encouraged me to finish the Coffeeneuring Challenge! Before I left town, I was at five. I finished my last two rides in the nick of time, completing Ride 7 on Sunday November 20th, the last day of the challenge! (Yes, Houston has bike share, so I could have done it without bringing Bromptons. But having a free bike handy makes it a lot easier.)

Enjoy a couple journal comic reports of my ride exploits for now. I’ll have a full report after I get home. I should have some film photos too—I brought the Olympus 35RD loaded with Kosmo Agent Shadow 400 and the Olympus XA2 loaded with Fuji 200.

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  1. Ha, we’re doing the opposite of you but with the same idea: traveling TO my family the night of Thanksgiving, and coming back afterward when the craziness has hopefully died down. I hope the travel back goes well for you (and congrats on the coffeeneuring!:) (and boo about the bike scratch, but I still think it’s the coolest thing ever that you can just pack your bikes like it’s nothing:)

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