Ride Report: BFCC, Night Photography-9 Oct 2022

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Oh yeah, BFCC is the abbreviation for Bikes and Film Cameras Club.

Sunday October 9 was a good night for a bike ride. It was warm and clear, though a bit hazy due to distant fires. Nine of us (myself and eight riders) met on the east flank of Mount Tabor at 5:30 PM. The idea was to occupy part of the picnic area to watch the moonrise. Since it was already occupied, we simply moved a wee bit south, where we still had a great view of the eastern horizon. The moon came over the horizon a bit after 6:45, a bit dim at first due to the haze, but then it got brighter and redder. Some of us thought that another orange light on the horizon was the rising moon, but it unfortunately turned out to be a forest fire, the Nakia Creek Fire, in SW Washington.


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