Reflections on a month of darkroom class

I've just finished up my first three darkroom classes. I've still got more classes to go, as the weekly workshop wraps up mid December, but I'll be missing the first two in November. Now is a good time to look back on what happened so far. My first class was Wednesday October 5th. This is... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring 2022, Ride 1: Wallflower Coffee, Sat 22 Oct

Another year, another coffeeneuring challenge! This year I don't have an overarching theme, but there are a few sub-challenges I want to incorporate into the main challenge: Ride all my bikes (currently four) at least once Do at least one #pdxcoffeeoutside and if that fails, at least one coffee outside of my own Hit up... Continue Reading →

The unintentional watch collection

I'm on quite the roll of watch buying. For years, I generally only had one watch at a time. Then my comical attempts at watch maintenance earlier this year necessitated a new watch. After some pondering, I asked for an automatic mechanical watch for my birthday, a Timex Waterbury. This is the nicest watch I've... Continue Reading →

On beards and longer hair

Sometime this past summer. Pentax IQZoom 928/Fuji C200 I haven't done as many self-portraits in 2022 as I did in 2020 or 2021. But from the shots of me you do see, you'll notice that I've had a beard all year. While I've played around with various configurations of facial hair since graduating high school,... Continue Reading →

Film photography featured on NBC Nightly News

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

The excellent Kosmo Foto shared this recent NBC Nightly News clip talking about the resurgence of film photography. Even more interesting: the clip was shot with a film (cinema) camera, the first time in over 40 years that NBC News did this. Enjoy!

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On registration for bike rides

By the Columbia Slough, 2 October 2022. LOMO LC-A/Fuji C200 I've been leading bicycle rides for almost twenty years. Most of that time I've followed "the Shift/Pedalpalooza ride posting principle": Post a ride with a public start place and see who shows up. This method usually worked fine, with anywhere from a few people to... Continue Reading →

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