A trip to the Oregon Wine Country, 1-3 Sept 2022

Eola Hills Winery, 3 Sept 2022. Minolta SR-T 101/MD Rokkor Zoom Lens 28-85mm f/3.5-4.5/Kodak Ektachrome 100 (slide film)

This has turned into quite a summer of travel! And Emee and I managed to sneak one more trip in before the “official end of summer” here in the US, Labor Day weekend (first Monday of September). Initially Emee had a biz meeting in Newberg on Friday September 2 (a meeting that got cancelled at the last minute, alas.) While Newberg is an hour drive from Portland, it’s also in Oregon’s Wine Country. Why not make a trip out of it? We booked a whatever hotel in Newberg for Thursday and Friday, and mapped out an itinerary.

Y’know, fifteen or so years ago I never thought I’d become a person that tours the wine country. For one, wine is not my fave alcoholic beverage (beer is first, whisky second). Secondly, “touring the wine country” just sounds so bourgeois. What can I say, I like wine more these days, and have been willing to participate in activities like this. And the rolling hills and low mountains of the Willamette Valley are pretty. I like coming out here.

We ended up touring three different wineries, one each day. Flâneur Wines in downtown Carlton was our Thursday stop. It’s located in a grain elevator next to the old railroad tracks. (This abandoned line will hopefully become the Yamhelis Westside Trail.) On Friday we stopped by Furioso in Dundee. And Saturday was Eola Hills to the west of Salem. We liked the grounds of Eola the best, as they were expansive and scenic, and you could walk around in them!

We also spent some time in McMinnville, the largest city in the area. While it’s only a bit further from Portland than Newberg, it’s a place that I’ve rarely been to. In fact, my only real visit happened last year on my Willamette Valley Tour! It’s got a cute downtown with some beautiful historic buildings, including the McMenamins Hotel Oregon with its rooftop bar. They’ve been doing a weekend event during the summer where the Main Street is closed to cars, allowing for expanded street dining. It was nice.

Our time in Wine Country was too short. I hope to get back soon, hopefully on my bike.

Eola Hills Winery, 3 Sept 2022
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